Graphical Data Views

Discover the power of NetCrunch Graphical Data Views, a dynamic way to visualize your network's performance, topology and status.


See and Experience Data in a New Way

  • Dynamic Dynamic Visualization Discover the transformative power of NetCrunch Graphical Data Views, where the complexity of network monitoring meets the simplicity of intuitive design. Our unique dashboards offer a dynamic canvas for visualizing your network's performance and status, all tailored to fit seamlessly on any device screen—eliminating the need for scrolling.

  • Dashboards Interactive Dashboards Known as "free form dashboards," this innovative approach allows you to place widgets, icons, and images anywhere, creating a truly personalized and interactive experience. Each element on your dashboard does more than sit there; it actively reflects the real-time status of your network, with lines that change color and captions that update to mirror the health and performance of your connections.

  • Real Time Real-Time Insights NetCrunch goes beyond traditional dashboards, inviting you to view your data and engage with it in a new way. Design with any aspect ratio in mind, and trust in NetCrunch to bring your insights to life on any screen. Step into the future of network monitoring, where data visualization is not just seen—it's experienced.

  • Adaptive Adaptive Design NetCrunch Graphical Data Views stand out with their automatic adaptation to both light and dark modes, eliminating the need to design dashboards with a fixed color palette. This feature ensures your dashboards are always in harmony with your preferred theme, providing a consistent visual experience across all devices.

  • Diagrams
    Crafting Visual Narratives

    Delve into the art of diagram creation with NetCrunch, where you're equipped with a vast array of shapes, thousands of icons, pictures, and eight distinct types of connection lines to bring your network's story to life. Each diagram element is more than just a visual component; it's a dynamic reflection of your monitored NetCrunch objects—nodes, interfaces, counters, data objects, or alerts. Tailor each element's visual properties to mirror the real-time state of these objects, making your diagrams informative and interactive.

    Choose the canvas that suits your needs: opt for panels with fixed proportions tailored for specific devices like phones, desktops, or print media, ensuring your diagrams are always the perfect fit. Or, explore the boundless realms with zoomable diagrams ideal for expansive networks, where dragging and scrolling unveil the vast intricacies of your network landscape, akin to navigating a geographic map.

  • Free Form Dashboards
    Beyond Boundaries

    NetCrunch redefines dashboards with its free-form approach, where the traditional design constraints give way to creativity and functionality. Each dashboard is a blend of precision and flexibility, designed with fixed proportions to seamlessly integrate with the device or medium of your choice, be it a desktop, phone, or paper.

    With an arsenal of widgets at your disposal—ranging from gauges and bars to graphs and state panels, along with thousands of icons and symbols—your dashboard becomes a canvas for your data story. Unique to NetCrunch, these dashboards can incorporate elements from diagrams, merging two powerful visualization tools into one cohesive platform and offering unparalleled insight into your network's performance.

  • Geographic Maps
    A World of Insight

    NetCrunch brings the world to your screen with its comprehensive suite of about 100 predefined contour maps. Position your network elements, nodes, and icons with pinpoint geographic accuracy, transforming abstract data into spatial diagrams that resonate with clarity and context. This feature empowers you to visualize the geographical distribution of your network infrastructure, offering a spatial perspective on status and performance that traditional diagrams and dashboards cannot provide.

    Through diagrams, free-form dashboards, and geographic maps, NetCrunch offers a trio of tools designed to cater to diverse visualization needs, each with unique strengths, ensuring that your data is seen, understood, and acted upon. Whether it's the detailed intricacies of a diagram, the creative freedom of a dashboard, or the broad perspective of a geographic map, NetCrunch delivers the tools you need to see your network in a new light.