AdRem Software

VMware Support Statement

AdRem Software continually strives to meet our customers diverse and ever-changing needs, including monitoring all major operating systems and leading applications across the IT enterprise. Many of our clients are running NetCrunch under VMware.

AdRem Software is not aware of ANY specific issues with NetCrunch and VMware at this time. While NetCrunch is expected to function properly in virtual environments, there may be performance implications, which can invalidate NetCrunch typical sizing and recommended setting guidelines. The analysis must be performed to minimize potential resource contention, which can have a significant impact on performance and suitability, particularly under peak load. These include the total number of nodes, network services, events to be monitored, as well as network monitoring frequency.

To facilitate a quick resolution and root cause to any potential NetCrunch issue encountered under VMware, please follow the basic guidelines for supporting NetCrunch in a VMware environment:

  • The client is responsible for properly configuring their virtual machine and operating system for VMware.
  • While AdRem Software does not insist that clients recreate each issue without VMware before contacting support, we reserve the right to request the client diagnose and troubleshoot specific issues outside the VMware environment. This will only be done where we have reason to believe the issue is directly related to VMware.
  • In the event that AdRem Software support cannot directly identify the root cause as a NetCrunch or VMware issue, support would ask the client to open a support issue with VMware and any other necessary and third-party vendors to expedite the resolution of the issue. At that point, AdRem Software, VMware, and the client can work together toward a quick resolution.