Decypher Technologies - NetCrunch Success Story

Aspen, Colorado, USA

"We have researched other software before NetCrunch, but no others were as robust"

Farr Shepherd
Owner, Chief Technologist
Decypher Technologies Inc.

Key benefits:

  • Superior, dynamic vizualization of the entire network topolog
  • Web-enabled control of the network status
  • Reduced downtime through proactive alerting system

The Challenge

The majority of the challenges Decypher comes across are related to network outages caused by cut lines, poor signal strength, and devices malfunctioning. “Before NetCrunch was purchased, we often had a node down where we were not sure if it was the computer, the network, or the ISP that was down without testing each one individually,” recalls Farr Shepherd. Network engineers and remote service staff at Decypher use NetCrunch to support a multisite network, monitoring Internet access availability for the majority of sites. “We have upwards of 100 nodes (workstations, servers, and firewalls) monitored mostly with pinging. At some sites we monitor more important nodes and servers, including services like e-mail” - adds Farr.

The AdRem Solution

“We researched other software before NetCrunch, but no others were as robust” - notes Farr Shepherd. He finds it very convenient to be able to purchase a onetime license instead of a monthly or yearly contract. NetCrunch provides the company centralized monitoring of all the IP's, alerting his IT team of the network outage often before offsite location knew it themselves. The Chief Technologist like the way NetCrunch manages report access and scheduling, including easy distribution to groups of users. “NetCrunch does extremely well with having a user friendly report interface. The available graphs and charts help visualize what is happening, when, and how frequently” – adds Farr Shepherd.

Another real story from Decypher Technologies: “We have more recently had a site go down very frequently, but we were unable to find what the problem was. Using the reports we called the service provider and then realized the outages corresponded with their AP outages and power surges”.

Customer Background

Decypher Technologies is a computer consulting company which provides technical support both remotely and onsite. Their clients are usually small to midsized businesses under 50 users as well as residential locations. The company operates in the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado and supports customers in Aspen, Snowmass, Basalt, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs and other locations out of state. Decypher Technologies has been using NetCrunch since 2006.