NetCrunch Release Notes

Since version 14

  • 4 Releases
  • 56 Fixes
  • 75 Features


Version 14.2.0

(June 24, 2024)

6 Features

10 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • AI - Explain Alert allows to learn why condition is monitored and eventually how to fix it

  • Dependency by Composite Status allows using composite status node as monitoring dependency node

  • EOL Report Allow list of end of life state in a single place

  • Local EOL data NetCrunch can read EOL (End-of-life) information from a file on server

  • Override EOL You can override EOL dates for specific nodes

  • Upgrade NodeJS to 20.14.0 which includes latest security updates

  • major Long atlas loading and console hangs after atlas import from NC 12 [MP0022]
  • major In node monitoring settings, `prevent false DOWN` option had opposite state & description
  • major No data displayed in "Graph" widget when custom SNMP counters are used [#5496]
  • major [REST API] Get request doesn't return custom node fields.
  • major Sensor status expires before the end of the retention time on Rest Receiver node. [MP0023]
  • major Physical Segments/Layer 2 wrong connections on Extreme Switches [#5454]
  • major Alerts that are triggered by VCenter alarms not closed automatically [MP0024]
  • minor Can't change composite status node organization.
  • minor Adding one inventory sensor adds the another two senssor and then none of them can be be removed. [MP0025]
  • minor Missing information about active support for VM/ESXi.


Version 14.1.1

(May 13, 2024)

5 Fixes
  • critical Regression - many important fixes from version 14.0.3 have been lost
  • critical Changes in the Text Expressions window were not saved
  • critical Changes in the Parsing Expressions window were not saved
  • critical Changes in the IP network map can negatively affect the style of all physical segment maps.
  • major Syslog message in Shift-JIS encoding was decoded incorrectly

Version 14.1.0

(April 23, 2024)

4 Features

23 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • Isolated nodes Physical segment maps now show disconnected switches to indicate that a switch is missing.

  • New Device Type NetCrunch recognizes now Windows Server 2025

  • Routing Map/ VPN connections NetCrunch now sees connections between networks connected with VPN previously being isolated islands.

  • Web Console UX Improvement New pop-up window frames are easy to drag and resize, and have a Windows 11 look and feel.

  • critical Data Receiver Sensor doesn't work.
  • critical Integrations and sensors (Web page & Basic HTTP) don't work over proxy.
  • major Fixed missing scrollbar in Common Alerts tab that prevented access to some items [MP0018]
  • major Fixed incorrect display of images with Japanese file names in graphical data views [MP0019]
  • major [Event Details] Missing closing reason when selecting from the 'Resolved' or 'Ignored' dropdown values.
  • major [User & Access Rights Manager] Wrong API key name is displayed after reopening the window.
  • major No filtering in the bottom panel of the Flow Analytics window. Bottom panel shows global data instead.
  • major NCCLI hangs when the atlas is not loaded
  • major Fix dragging on dashboards when the view is scrolled down
  • major Cannot add node with DNS name starting with digit
  • major Fixed 'Data Parser' PythonRequester.exe which caused timeout on other sensors after running Python script with infinite loop.
  • major Fixed lost "Data Format" in Data Receiver sensor settings after upgrading from v13 to v14 [MJ0021]
  • major Fixed syslog message encoding format change (Shift-JIS/UTF-8)
  • major Fixed missing traffic data in the physical segments view when template-based interface identification is enabled on the switch.
  • major Fixed "Authentication Failed" error in device configuration sensors (HP-Procurve) after upgrading from NC 13 to NC 14
  • major Fixed an issue that caused e-mail notifications to display incorrectly when angle brackets were used in the text. [MP0017]
  • major Fixed SNMP monitor counters showing the same values for 4-6 consecutive checks when monitoring was overloaded.
  • major Fixed inconsistent interfaces number shown in Overview, Interfaces and Licensing State [MJ0018]
  • major Fixed status widgets that displayed gray instead of green color for OK status [MJ0017]
  • minor Web console menu doesn't show alert item like desktop console
  • minor Undo does not work when restoring geo location in graphical data views
  • minor Multiple values are not handled properly for geolocation field in node setting properties tab.
  • minor Web Access - missing counter history button on the Performance tab of the Node Status window


Version 14.0.3

(February 29, 2024)

65 Features

18 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • 150+ New MIBs Precompiled

  • 2000+ new symbols Expand your visualization options with a fresh library of Azure, AWS, Google, and VMware symbols.

  • 3,000+ new icons Choose from a vast selection of icons with distinct styles (solid, regular, light, thin) and 7 background shapes.

  • Ability to add caption to icons, symbols, shapes & pictures and defined the caption position and background

  • Add multiple graphs at once Ability to add multiple charts with few clicks for enhanced data visualization.

  • Add multiple nodes in Graphical Data Views Easily add multiple nodes at once in Graphical Data views.

  • Atlas View creation simplified Build custom Atlas Views effortlessly with the new wizard, including a quick mode option (ctrl+click).

  • Auto zoom option in Graphical Data View Maintain a consistent view by preventing automatic zooming in panels.

  • Automatic data format detection In sensors that need parsing external data (i.e., HTTP REST), NetCrunch can intelligently identify data formats for seamless sensor setup.

  • Connection line flow animation Connection lines now have new animations.

  • Customizable node status policy Define your own conditions for node status changes, ensuring accurate reflection of network health.

  • Customize rectangles Each corner can be individually rounded.

  • Data Receiver replaces Generic Agent and the protocol now allows the removal of the counter value

  • Desktop Console Significant performance Improvements

  • Detailed interface view Visualize VLAN and port mapping information directly in any Node Group view.

  • Disable Monitoring operation has two modes now Suspend mode - for short pauses without closing alerts or deactivate mode for decommissioning or more extended monitoring breaks with closing active alerts.

  • End-of-Life monitoring Stay informed about approaching device end-of-life dates for Windows and ESXi systems.

  • Enhanced gauge widget with graph You can combine gauges and graph elements for richer visualizations.

  • Expanded VMware monitoring Trigger alerts on VM flag changes, monitor alarms by default

  • Expanded activity log coverage for configuration changes Now, activity log records include updates for alerting scripts, backup configuration, rediscovery, email server settings, GSM configuration, NC service auto-restarts, probe configuration, HTTP proxy settings, connection profiles, and node state policy profile changes, providing comprehensive oversight of system modifications.

  • Export node grid views Share valuable data insights by exporting node grid views to CSV format.

  • Gauge & bar widget enhancements Display threshold ranges, notify state change with flash animation.

  • Geographic location integration Add nodes locations and visualize them on Google Maps for intuitive network insights.

  • Graphical Data Views editor improvements Copy & paste for data source. Copy for series. Ability to select all connected elements.

  • Grid view updates Enjoy updated grid views with more filterable fields and multi-value filtering capabilities.

  • Improved search Find what you need faster with better search result ranking.

  • Invert pictures for dark theme Pictures have options to be automatically inverted for dark theme (smart inversion with color preservation)

  • Light and dark theme options for Graphical Data displays Themed color palette enhances aesthetics and consistency across views. New views are now themed by default, providing a cohesive visual presentation out of the box.

  • Link widget status reference to another widget Ability to set a status reference to another widget for streamlined monitoring and data visualization

  • MAC address enhancements View the NIC producer name when displaying MAC addresses for additional context.

  • Manage user profile in Web Console Manage your user profile and settings directly within the web console.

  • Map tab is back Node group views can have maps now - these views always include all node icons from the view.

  • More conscious alert actions Enabling alert restriction now requires deliberate confirmation.

  • Multiple Graphc improvements in Graphical Data Views - Enjoy enhancements like hiding axes, setting min/max values, per-series scaling, unit per-series conversion, tooltip grouping, negating series, zero-based, or auto zoom Y.

  • New Bandwidth sensor Accurately track and analyze network bandwidth usage.

  • New Graphical Data View Types Geo maps featuring geographic contour maps and coordinate-based point location alongside 150+ geographic maps with country and region data. Additionally, maps are now easily positionable and scalable within the viewport.

  • New bar widget options allows utilize stripes and thick bar styles.

  • New connection line types Add visual interest with zigzag, spring, and slanted lines.

  • Node Alert History Enhancements View 100 recent alerts by default for quicker troubleshooting and filter by a sensor or monitoring pack.

  • Node settings wizard improvements Indicate the best way to monitor the node in a few steps.

  • Nodes tab default view changed to "Health & Status"

  • Notes moved to node status window Access your notes conveniently within the node status window.

  • Physical segments and interface monitoring via probes Gain visibility into physical network segments and interfaces directly through probes.

  • Picture management Organize pictures in folders (document, shared, public)

  • Print & save as PDF Share your visualizations by printing or saving them as PDF files.

  • Program Wide Dark Mode Support Enjoy a sleek, eye-friendly dark theme across the platform, including dashboards and diagrams.

  • Redesigned node status window The improved Node Status Window gives a more comprehensive overview of node health.

  • Rescan the functionality is back.

  • Resizable widgets Widgets that were previously only scalable can now be resized.

  • Revamped setting windows make program setup easier

  • Save trend viewer options Options are now stored in the user profile for enhanced customization.

  • Search for any connected device In a top search, you can find where any device is connected by searching by MAC address even if it's not in the Atlas.

  • Security Update to NodeJs 20.11.1

  • Sensor data is always available Access stored data (configuration, software) for sensors even if the node is down.

  • Sensor duplication Create multiple sensors with ease by duplication and changing parameters that differ.

  • Shape, icon, symbol, and picture actions Link them to other atlas views or web pages.

  • Shapes and icons enhancements Utilize default style with predefined colors for different states, enhancing visual clarity and consistency.

  • Streamlined node monitoring settings and properties Manage your monitoring settings with greater ease thanks to intuitive improvements.

  • Test button for OS monitor setup Test any Windows, Linux, macOS, BSD, or Solaris monitor within its configuration window.

  • Trend viewer with advanced features Weakly heatmap chart for spotting trends over time. Delta bars for visualizing ongoing changes in trends. Percentile lines (99.9, 95, 90) for identifying statistical outliers.

  • Updated config sensor profiles Monitor a broader range of devices with 48 updated and 19 new configuration profiles.

  • Value panel widget new options Add the ability to display graphs and set the color for value or the background.

  • Value, gauge & bar widget change indicators Widgets allow us to visualize the direction of the change with arrows.

  • Web page sensor refinement Exclude specific resources from web page monitoring, focusing on critical elements.

  • Widget size uniform - make the size of multiple widgets uniform with one click.

  • major Issue with Basic HTTP sensor alert closure [MJ0007]
  • major Adjusted "Access" permission for web access to prevent disabling monitoring on a node. [RM0009]
  • major Cloud connection Issue for AD-linked users via web access. [RM0012]
  • major GrafCrunch issue resolved: List of nodes now loads properly. [RM0028]
  • major Issue triggering "SSL Certificate Changed" alert post-upgrade from NC 12 to NC 13. [RM0007]
  • major GrafCrunch: Incompatibility with node variable queries in version 12. [MD0022]
  • major Connectivity issue with probes in language versions. [MP0002]
  • major Issue with sensors not saving in templates. [MP0003]
  • major Restricted user permissions now reflect correct node alerts in atlas via console notifications. [RM0010]
  • major "Win32 Error: Access is denied" in WMI sensors on NC server node operating in a workgroup. [MP0015]
  • major Remove display of unused/unavailable Windows hardware, hotfix, and software sensors from overview dashboard. [RM0013]
  • major Added timeout option for Hyper-V sensor to address random timeout errors on monitoring engines. [RM0025]
  • major Email notification subject now displays ">" and "<" characters correctly. [MP0007]
  • major Freshservice integration restored. Updated API version implemented. [RM0021]
  • major Increased socket utilization on NC server machine due to IPMI sensors. [RM0018]
  • major Device config - Fortinet FortiGate error
  • major Fortinet switches are not displayed in physical segments view.
  • major Device config sensor issue on Extreme Network switches. [RM0011]
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