NetCrunch Release Notes

Since version 13

  • 10 Releases
  • 107 Fixes
  • 56 Features


Version 13.0.9

(November 14, 2023)

8 Fixes
  • critical Can't execute "Run Windows Program" action
  • major Probe disconnection issue
  • major Can't update probe from a previous version
  • major AWS Alarm sensor list only first 50 alarms [MP0016]
  • major WMI Sensor - Access denied when running in workgroup mode
  • major Dynamic Node Group View settings not saved in specific scenario
  • minor Atlas tree view filter not saved [MP0009]
  • minor Fortinet switches not displayed in Physical Segments View

Version 13.0.8

(October 02, 2023)

14 Fixes
  • major Desktop console crashes after using "Exclude nodes" button in new Dynamic Views folder.
  • major Parameters missing in event details [MJ003]
  • major Allow set timeout for Hyper-V monitoring
  • major SSL Certifcate sensor error "Certificate authority is invalid" despite adding root certificate to NetCrunch [MJ0002]
  • major NetCrunch doesn't show web message data sent from browser [MP0011]
  • major Message format encoding error if message contains `>` or `<` characters [MP007]
  • major Freshservice integration not working [RM0021]
  • major Alert rule imported from Monitoring Pack overrides rules in previous Monitoring Packs [MJ0001]
  • major Automated screen scenario not saved after editing
  • major Actions not triggered when a action restrictions set to atlas folder [MJ0006]
  • major Can't add Monitoring Packs with ESXi events to ESXi Node [MP0012]
  • major Can't connect to NC Server remotely in an isolated network [RM0026]
  • minor Searchbox issues when adding alert or data collector
  • minor Actions are not triggered for "Any Interface is UP" secondary alert [MJ0005]

Version 13.0.7

(July 20, 2023)

8 Fixes
  • critical IPMI sensors leak sockets in case of errors
  • critical SSL Certificate sensors leak memory which could lead to high memory utilization [RM0019]
  • major It took long time to wait for data in Alerts/Analytics window
  • major Sometimes historgram chart was empty in Alerts/History window
  • major ConnectWise integration issue, NC ignores manually entered API Request URL (refers to ConnectWise on-prem only) [RM0020]
  • major Data collector sections order not saved [RM0016]
  • major Web Console - In node status interfaces the chart was invisible
  • major Sessions do not expire causing inability to connect. [MP0006]

Version 13.0.6

(May 25, 2023)

1 Fixes
  • critical Wrong encryption key prevents program from accessing device configuration and hardware configuration data.

Version 13.0.5

(May 23, 2023)

9 Fixes
  • critical Can't load atlas after upgrade from NC 11 in Japanese edition [RM0017]
  • major Can't login thruogh NetCrunch Connection Cloud if user name or password contains non letter characters
  • major Notification window shows sometimes on top of other applications
  • major Windows service alert doesn't close in certain situation [MP0004]
  • major First attempt to generate Report from Current View doesn't work for the first time after console is opened.
  • major Report Scheduling Scheme hour shifted depending on time zone [RM0015]
  • major Email Data sensor can eat lot of memory if mailbox is too big
  • major Sometimes, connection to vCenter could be lost and not restored properly
  • major Can't define closing event in Alert Correlation

Version 13.0.4

(April 13, 2023)

7 Fixes
  • critical Mail notification doesn't work.
  • critical Flow Collector doesn't work in Japaneese version
  • major User with limited node permissions could receives notifications to all nodes (regardless of access rights)
  • major Duplicated Data Collectors in Performance Reports tab.
  • major Template containing sensor is not applying these sensor to the node
  • major Device Config sensor doesn't work on ExtremeNetwork switches
  • major Process terminate button doesn't work

Version 13.0.3

(March 27, 2023)

5 Fixes
  • critical Console could not connect to server in localized version [MP0001]
  • critical Monitoring probe could not connect to localized version
  • major Missing console notifications in Polish version
  • major Console and probe connects properly to NetCrunc connection cloud in all language versions
  • major Web console works properly through NetCrunch Connection Cloud in all language versions

Version 13.0.2

(March 02, 2023)

1 Features

5 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • Language versions available

  • major Event rule for SNMP trap - value changed after saving
  • major Security update to NodeJs 18.14.2
  • major Many missing translations
  • major Additional interfaces not counted properly in NetCrunch Server tab [RM0005]
  • minor In Analytics view, custom event view couldn't be deleted

Version 13.0.1

(February 17, 2023)

8 Fixes
  • critical Monitoring ESXi through vCenter didn't work
  • major Added support for OpenSSH 8
  • major After upgrade from v11 NetCrunch could stop writing events to database until the server restart
  • major Summary and Top chart dashboards experienced several tile dragging and reordering issues
  • major Latest security updates for NodeJs, CEF and OpenSSL
  • major GrafCrunch connection issues
  • minor Various issues regarding graphical views
  • minor The interface status window shows transfer in kilobytes while everywhere else it is in kilobits

Version 13.0.0

(February 07, 2023)

55 Features

42 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • 30+ New Shape Widgets Including flow diagram shapes

  • Add animations and transformations to pictures, text and symbols depending on reference object state

  • Add shadow to pictures, symbols and text

  • Added actions column in Active alerts and history to display summary of action execution.

  • All SNMP Views can now be edited with YAML

  • Allied Telesis switch is now supported by physical segments monitor

  • Automated Full Screen supports active alerts view now

  • Automatic Full Screen shows node icon views with grouping (similar to automatic maps in v11)

  • CSV export of node grid data is back [MD0030]

  • Camera Snapshot Image Is displayed in tooltip if widget is linked to image sensor object

  • Check Button in sensor settings allows collecting sensor data on demand now

  • Cisco ASA 5525 Flows are now supported

  • Cisco symbols can be used to represent nodes

  • Concurrent policy editing Multiple users can edit node settings and alerting policy at the same time now

  • Connection Line Styles Added 4 New connection line styles including elbow, curved-elbow, arc and s-curve.

  • Connection Lines Markers You can add markers to line such as arrow or circle

  • Disable IP SLA You can now disable IP SLA monitor for a node if not needed

  • Edge connections Now you can connect shapes on a Graphical Views using points on their edges

  • Full support for Windows Server 2022 - NetCrunch can monitor and can be installed on latest Windows Server version

  • Global search results support multiselection now

  • Graphical Editor. Shows guideline to better resize and align elements

  • IP SLA/NQA you can add operations to multiple devices at once (using multi selection)

  • IP SLA/NQA Operations can be edited in multi-selection

  • IP SLA/NQA object state can be linked to widgets on Graphical Views

  • IP SLA/NQA status window has been redesigned and shows uptime for each operation now

  • Interface Monitoring Schemas are now available from monitoring menu

  • Link appearance of shapes, pictures, connections and texts with object state. Now, you can change visual properties of graphical elements depending on the reference object state (node, alert, interface, service, etc.)

  • Locked Nodes in Physical Segments. When you move nodes in physical segments maps, they are automatically locked so the next layout refresh will not touch them

  • NQA support for Huawei devices

  • News articles added to top menu notifications to keep you up to date

  • Node Icons grouping. The view allows grouping icons up to two levels now

  • Node icons & tiles views support multi-selection now

  • Nodes Software View Allows you to review summary changes in applications and hotfixes per each node

  • Override Interface Speed for realistic bandwidth monitoring

  • Physical Segments automatically selects best monitoring protocol supported by all your devices

  • Physical Segments Map Layouts. The program now selects the best layout that fits your data. You can override it by selecting `Tree`, 'Start' or `Graph` layout

  • REST API supports getting all IP SLA/NQA operations

  • Refresh routing map automatically when NetCrunch detects new router or the node is removed from the Atlas

  • Registry Sensor Allows monitoring changes to Windows registry keys and values

  • Relevant toltip for IP SLA/NQA is displayed if widget is linked to IP SLA/NQA operation

  • Routing Map Layouts. NetCrunch offers now two map layouts 'Network' and 'Graph'

  • SSH Terminal is available in Web Console if the connection is secure (HTTPS)

  • Sensor Monitoring Packs you can create Monitoring Packs for sensors now

  • Sensor Object Tooltip NetCrunch display data of any sensor object in JSON format

  • Sensor testing can update Sensor data if sensor is already configured and you run test without changing any parameters it will update sensor status and data

  • Silent console install is now possible as it's in .msi format now

  • Software Inventory View We added aggregated view of installed (Windows) Software and Hotfixes.

  • Software Sensor allows monitoring installed Windows software and notify on it's changes

  • Symbol Widget allows adding almost 300 classic Cisco icons now

  • Tools Menu We added ability to open device web page, remote desktop or SSH from node menu

  • Tooltip on history histograms shows number of events per each bar

  • View Status Widget Allows linking to other Atlas view and has compact display mode now

  • Windows Hotfix Sensor tracks all installed hotfixes on Windows machine and alerts on changes

  • You can override subnet mask for a better node/network management

  • ifAlias Column has been added to interface views (Interfaces & SNMP Views)

  • critical Node properties in Web Console were not accessible
  • critical SNMPv3 profile passwords may be accidentally cleared when edited
  • critical Sensors can become disabled even after server restart due to the racing condition during server shutdown
  • critical GrafCrunch was not able to select nodes if there were thousands in the Atlas
  • critical Wrongly encoded console options could lead to NCServer service crash and restart
  • critical Network Service monitor for HTTP & HTTPS was sending empty header causing issues on web servers (IIS) [PM0001]
  • critical Cookie vulnerability. NetCrunch sets `Secure`, `HttpOnly` and `SameSite` cookie attributes to prevents cookie related attacks now
  • major Web Page Sensor triggers now `page loading error` when receives 404 status code
  • major When ading write section to SNMP it was set to v1 instead of v2c by default
  • major In certains situation saving events could take seconds instead of milliseconds
  • major SMTP server settings changes are applied until NetCrunch Service restart [TG0025]
  • major Port status could be wrong until server restart if device port attachment changed
  • major Default time ranges cannot be saved in the specific scenario [TG0027]
  • major Alert regarding Windows Service not triggered in certain circumstances [TG0029]
  • major Web Page Sensor page statistics counters better match a real web browser data
  • major Sometimes task notification dropdown in top menu was not showing up
  • major Import nodes from file was not importing node names
  • major Printing from Performance Trends wasn't properly fit the chart on the page
  • major NetCrunch doesn't send report to Admin user (versions affected v11, v12) [RM0004]
  • major IP Tools creates new process each time it opens which hangs on exit causing high CPU usage
  • major In event query editor dropdown didn't show for `in` operator
  • major Time difference for Windows Event Log events [MD0021]
  • major Web Page sensor should properly handle 404 status as a warning
  • major Battery Widget was grayed out in a specific scenario [TG0016]
  • major Graphical View conversion was not working properly in localized program versions
  • major NetCrunch could realign physical segments maps when user was editing it
  • major Only first column added to a custom view in Nodes tab was saved
  • major Some reports in Reports could not be selected due to missing scrollbar
  • major Sorting by IP address was not working properly
  • major Monitoring Probe node could not be added to Graphical View
  • major AV after editing the automatic Monitoring Pack in German version [MD0024]
  • major Some elements on map could be missing after importing v11 atlas [TG0015]
  • major Various fixes to Graphical Editor improving overall UX
  • minor Fixed rendering issues in Firefox browser
  • minor Physical segment view name can be changed now
  • minor Folder view was displaying empty views regardless of Atlas tree filter settings
  • minor Text is properly positioned inside shapes
  • minor Active alerts view was not supporting folders
  • minor Drawing of thick connection lines and shape borders was inconsistent
  • minor Hardware Config sensor status is now displayed in the sensors group in node status overview
  • minor Resizing shapes and picture was working properly when using bottom right corner
  • minor Resizing elements in Graphical Views was moving element sometimes
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