NetCrunch Release Notes

NetCrunch Release Notes

Since version 10.8

  • 5 Releases
  • 62 Fixes
  • 37 Features


Version 10.9.3

(August 07, 2020)

11 Fixes
  • critical Sometimes server could not start because of wrong XML encoding in UserProfiles.XML file
  • major After entering wrong character in top charts filter server crashes on wrong RegExp
  • major Issue with wmi object status when monitoring change from "any" to "unknown" state
  • major Fix managing folders in Monitoring Packs & Policies window
  • major Default request timeout when connecting to DB services in SQL sensors was too small
  • major Fixed AV when closing Monitoring Packs & Policies after adding a folder
  • major Improved overall stability of Desktop Console and NetCrunch Server
  • minor Fixed missing counter descriptions when selecting windows counters
  • minor SNMP should not count ICMP errors not related to SNMP
  • minor Custom SNMP profiles were displayed when re-scanning the Atlas
  • minor Wrong number of selected data sources on Flow dashboard

Version 10.9.2

(June 26, 2020)

11 Fixes
  • critical Random console crash when changing network map view
  • critical Server memory leaks happening in certain cases
  • major Performance improvements in processing monitoring of over 1000 nodes
  • major Performance issues with processing a large SNMP tables
  • major Problem with hanging Flow Analytics window
  • major Web page sensor resource load error alert
  • major SNMP request limiter not working properly
  • major MIB Browser was showing all variables from all modules instead from the module selected in the MIB list
  • major Error in processing SNMP tables introduced in 10.9.1
  • minor MIB Browser when copying OID to clipboard wrong value has been copied when the list was filtered
  • minor IP SLA status layout glitch

Version 10.9.0

(May 15, 2020)

17 Features

12 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • New Integration Service Desk Plus (on premises) integration added

  • New Monitoring Pack: Checkpoint VPN Shows and informs about status and state of VPN tunnel, decryption errors

  • New Monitoring Pack: Fortigate VPN Monitors VPN traffic and session statistics

  • New Monitoring Pack: Nutanix Hypervisor Monitors cluster state, storage capacity and processor, memory of the Hypervisor

  • New Monitoring Pack: Nutanix Storage Monitors disk space, container and storage pool capacity

  • New Monitoring Pack: Nutanix VM Gathers data and alerts about memory and processor related to Nutanix virtual machines

  • New Monitoring Pack: Pulse Secure Hardware Monitors MAG application blade temperature, RAID, fans, power supplies statuses

  • New Monitoring Pack: Pulse Secure Network Interfaces Alerts if any interface went down

  • New Monitoring Pack: Pulse Secure System Health Alerts about high usage of CPU, memory and disk, swap and log file capacity

  • New Monitoring Pack: Pulse Secure Users Monitors counters related to web, cluster and concurrent meeting users

  • New Monitoring Pack: RDP Services Monitors status of Windows Services related to RDP, additionally shows number of sessions on a given machine.

  • New Monitoring Pack: SMSEagle Monitors overall condition of the SMSEagle device, signal strength, messages statistics, processor, memory, disk, interfaces, network services and any other parameters

  • New Network Service Monitor - Windows RDP

  • New Sensor - Windows Registry This sensor uses WMI to retrieve and monitor values from Windows Registry

  • New Sensor - Windows Task Scheduler This sensor monitors the status of Windows Task Scheduler tasks. It can trigger an alert if task configuration has changed or if a task has not run on time.

  • New system view for Windows - Windows Scheduled Task This view shows list of tasks, their status, triggers, and other vital information related to Windows Task Scheduler

  • REST API update It is now possible to select monitoring provider (probe) when adding nodes via REST-API

  • critical Issue where the state of alerts raised by nodes monitored by the remote probe was incorrect.
  • major Fixed false spikes in data transmitted metric of interface traffic
  • major Issue related to 'Write to Windows event log' action
  • major Fixed 'Port Aggregator changed' false alert
  • major Fixed random gaps in Flow trends
  • major Fixed empty expanded charts (SNMP counters) at node performance status
  • major Issue related to E3Meter monitoring Pack where counters were showing 'no data'.
  • major Issue where a node with SNMP v3 with encryption goes down and then up - error related to snmp is raised even when credentials weren't changed.
  • major Issue related to switching between data sources in the flows.
  • major Issue where network Services and Sensors disappeared from the Node after removing monitoring template
  • minor Added 'Disabled by License' filter to 'Interface Monitoring' filtering condition
  • minor Copying a view will now copy custom layout (if present)


Version 10.8.2

(March 03, 2020)

1 Features

10 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • Updated OpenSSL To version 1.0.2u

  • critical Issue related to multiple 'node down' events generated in a specific scenario
  • major Issue where changing NetCrunch server port would result in System and sensor monitors to fail.
  • major Issue where widgets weren't properly rendering in high resolution
  • major Issue where calculated counters weren't properly collected after configuration save
  • major Issue related to gaps in trends based on SNMP counters
  • major Issue related to conditional alert that triggers two actions
  • major Issue related to the wrong value saved and displayed by the script sensor that is used the same parser.
  • major Console and Server stability fixes
  • major Issue related to Issues generated on ESX hosts
  • minor Minor fixes and performance improvements

Version 10.8.1

(December 09, 2019)

19 Features

18 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • Cisco CBQoS sensor The sensor allows monitoring of QoS statistics via SNMP.

  • Generate Self-Signed Certificate for Web Access It's possible to create certificate directly from NetCrunch Console

  • IP SLA Multi-operation sensor The sensor monitors multiple operations using single configuration.

  • LDAP Authentication Sensor The sensor connects to LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) server and tries to bind using specified Distinguished Name and password.

  • Netflow - Support for IPFix from vCenter virtual switch

  • New Authentication protocols for SNMP version 3 New HMAC-SHA-2 authentication protocols for USM using a Hashed Message Authentication Code (HMAC) based on the SHA-2 family of hash functions: SHA-256 (truncated to 192 bits), SHA-512 (truncated to 384 bits)

  • New Monitoring Pack: Fortinet Generic (SNMP) Monitors fan, power supply and temperature sensors

  • New Monitoring Pack: Allied Telesis AlliedWare Plus (SNMP) Shows and informs about memory, processor, PSU, fans and temperatures parameters and issues

  • New Monitoring Pack: Aruba Access Point (SNMP) Monitors processor, memory, Access Point state and Radio parameters

  • New Monitoring Pack: Fortinet FortiSwitch (SNMP) Monitors processor, memory and disks

  • New Monitoring Pack: HPE Nimble Storage - Disk Array (SNMP) Shows and informs about RAID, array and disks parameters and issues

  • New Monitoring Pack: HPE Nimble Storage - Network (SNMP) Monitors links and Fibre Channel links.

  • New Monitoring Pack: HPE Nimble Storage - System (SNMP) Monitors fan, power supply, temperatures, controllers and SAS links

  • New Monitoring Pack: Tripp Lite - Cooling (SNMP) Monitors temperature sensor, compressor pressure and other parameters

  • New Monitoring Pack: Tripp Lite - PDU (SNMP) Monitors output and input power parameters

  • New Monitoring pack: Tripp Lite - UPS (SNMP) Monitors temperature, battery, input and output power parameters

  • TACACS+ Sensor Checks the server connectivity and tries to authenticate a specified user.

  • TFTP support for all file or folder related sensors

  • WMI Battery Sensor The sensor monitors battery connected to the computer system (Laptop battery or UPS connected to the computer)

  • critical 7 security vulnerabilities related to web console discovered after independent 3rd party security audit
  • major Desktop Console Stability Fixes - We put much effort in this release to improve desktop console stability.
  • major Issue with not releasing server connections by Web Console sessions
  • major Fix problem with data gaps on trend charts for Windows and SNMP monitors
  • major Linux and ESXi Alerts (performance triggers) were not cleared properly after NetCrunch Server restart
  • major In certain situation trends data could contain gaps
  • major Template Nodes support using custom profiles now
  • major After switching dahboard to full screen and back, a graphical map could be not visible
  • major Issue related to ESX node status - Virtual machines where host memory column always shows 0
  • major Overall stability and performance improvements
  • major Issue related to wrong device type assigned to ESXi 6.5 by the discovery wizard
  • major Issue related to node template fields were incorrectly shown as empty after template creation based on a node
  • major Issue where sensor couldn't be edited if "- " (dash) was present in page id
  • major Issue where links on physical segments were shown as 'not monitored' incorrectly.
  • major Issues related to NetCrunch Server high handle utilitization (leaking)
  • major Issue related to backup creation on atlas when monitoring is disabled
  • major 'Set Monitoring Engine Parameters' do not change authentication profile
  • major Issue where remote connection to NetCrunch server wasn't closed properly
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