NetCrunch Release Notes

Since version 10

  • 31 Releases
  • 423 Fixes
  • 283 Features


Version 11.0.11

(November 22, 2021)

8 Fixes
  • major Overall stability improvements
  • major Issue with reading Windows event log file list when node is monitored by local user [SP0009]
  • major Proper handling of path to nonexistent script in Remote SSH Script sensor
  • major HTML element check alerts not working correctly in Web Page sensor
  • major 'Follow redirects' option not working correctly in Web Page sensor
  • major The option for saving alerting message to a file not working correctly in Run Windows Script alerting action [MD0015]
  • major Mitigated occasional problem with ESXi monitors' failing requests with status 500 [MD0016]
  • minor False positive alerts for SNMP Traps when OID received includes OID used in alerting rule

Version 11.0.10

(September 01, 2021)

7 Fixes
  • major Overall stability improvements
  • major Generating alerts for Windows Services with "Manual" startup type
  • major Displaying performance data for database sensors
  • major Script sensor support for special characters in user/password [MD00014]
  • minor Incorrect message for DELL EMC alert on sensor status change
  • minor Freshservice integration incorrect error handling
  • minor SNMP Traps sent in short intervals (1-2s) were received in incorrect order when grouping was enabled [RK0028]

Version 11.0.9

(July 05, 2021)

18 Fixes
  • critical Atlas data deleted when uninstalling the program [TG0006]
  • major Console losing connection when changing NetCrunch settings for an Atlas with many (70K+) alerting rules [RK0026]
  • major Reading counters from NTP server by Time Difference sensor [RK0024]
  • major Support for dynamic counters with multiple instances in Hyper-V/VM monitor
  • major Linux monitor not working correctly with Linux distributions with no netstat
  • major Web Console not working correctly with password protected keys generated with OpenSSL 1.1.1k [RK0025]
  • major Support for the NetCrunch Server and Console located in different time zones
  • major Deleting nodes could cause OS View to freeze
  • major Reading the Windows Event Log list when using a local user [SP0009]
  • major 'Set alert' button not working correctly for SNMP Traps in external messages window
  • major 'Run SSH Script' action not using an updated script [RK0027]
  • minor Reading counters from database when query includes whitespace characters [SP0010]
  • minor Search box missing in node configuration wizard
  • minor Saving multiple monitoring profiles in Credential Manager at once.
  • minor Error handling when ESXi Monitor was added to a node with HTTPS
  • minor Saving changes in alerting rules for Web Messages, in specific scenario
  • minor Some interface names displayed incorrectly on the Node Status / Performance tab
  • minor Missing nodes automatically created for the ESXi/Hyper-V guests in Remote Probe settings

Version 11.0.8

(May 25, 2021)

20 Fixes
  • critical TruVision Recorder sensor not working correctly
  • critical Web Page sensor could stop working after some time [RK0019]
  • critical Run SSH Script action not executing script [RK0023]
  • critical Windows Update and Windows Task Scheduler sensors when many, not working correctly [RK0020]
  • major Connections not fully cleaned after Desktop Console close
  • major Issue with email sending when SMTP server stops responding and remaining connection prevented failover
  • major DisplayName parameter not passed properly to `Run Windows Program` action
  • major Closing floating map window without leaving edit mode first lead to memory corruption of Desktop Console
  • major Apache sensor support for redirections
  • major After update, some of monitoring packs were missing in case of specific licenses [SP0008]
  • major Folder sensor filtering by file mask not working correctly [RK0022]
  • major Adding alerts/collectors to DELL EMC sensor
  • major Issue with collecting counters when multiple sensor of the same type added to the same node [RK0017]
  • major Synchronization issue in NetFlow server causing memory corruption
  • minor Gray rectangles can stay on screen for some time in Web Console nodes view
  • minor CSP rules improving Safari (iOS & Mac OS) connection to NetCrunch Web Server
  • minor Unable to remove template from the node
  • minor Sensors connecting over HTTP/S by using DNS Name not working correctly in specific circumstances [RK0018]
  • minor Web Page sensor support for slowly loading pages [RK0021]
  • minor Empty 'Uptime' column in SNMP tab

Version 11.0.7

(April 22, 2021)

21 Fixes
  • critical Remote probe re-connecting issues [RK0016]
  • critical Possible local system privilege escalation vulnerability [RK0013]
  • critical Folder sensor when checking large folder with millions of files [RK0015]
  • critical Data Parsers/Text Parsing Expressions issues
  • major Alerts for SNMP variable value when no relevant MIB compiled [RK0011]
  • major Missing first collected counter sample after adding sensors or OS monitors counter
  • major Server performance could be degraded by needless checking code
  • major Counters defined by collecting policy where missing when adding first sensor
  • major Missing support for newer versions of UnityOS in DELL EMC sensor
  • major Alerts History tab when Atlas monitoring schedule is changed [MD0012]
  • major WMI Registry Counters sensor was wrongly reading objects from 32 bit registry
  • major Alerting actions executed as root (su) [SP0006]
  • major Processes system view not working correctly for Mac OS nodes
  • major Missing support for new webhook format in MS Teams integration [SP0007]
  • major Loading Windows service list was too long when creating alerting rule
  • minor Incomplete 'Top 10 Nodes Availability' and 'Nodes Summary Map' reports
  • minor Removing objects from Business Status Node
  • minor SFTP file access type not working correctly for small files [RK0014]
  • minor Passing common parameters to the alerting action script [MD0007]
  • minor Syslog message decoding when facility = kernel
  • minor Internal SMTP server now working correctly with Gmail

Version 11.0.6

(February 18, 2021)

10 Fixes
  • major Incorrect values for Windows Performance counters when using WMI connection type [RK0009]
  • major OS Monitors still collecting counters after disabling
  • major Generic Agent not receiving data from cURL request [MD0006]
  • major Updating IPSLA operation settings
  • major IP Tools is working only in desktop console mode
  • minor Incorrect notification about new version available
  • minor Incorrect 'Closed at' value for the active alerts
  • minor Layout issues/typos in the PL/DE/FR language versions
  • minor ESXi Uptime counter [RK0010]
  • minor Custom cookies not used in Web Page sensor [SP0004]

Version 11.0.5

(January 18, 2021)

22 Fixes
  • major System Uptime sensor not working correctly when using WMI
  • major Alert for 'value is missing' [RK0005]
  • major False positive Kaspersky reporting AdRemCefHelper.exe as malware
  • major Monitoring NetCrunch machine windows performance counters
  • major Some reports were empty due to wrong paths
  • major Radius sensor not working correctly after 255 requests [RK0007]
  • major Translation issues in French and German language versions
  • major GrafCrunch update when NetCrunch Server port was changed [TG0002]
  • major Several problems related to monitoring templates
  • major Allow sending email using TLS without authentication
  • minor Possibility to resize Node column in Alerts History [MD0005]
  • minor Missing icon for minor severity alert in notification panel
  • minor Missing data for Windows Disk Performance counters after upgrade [TG0001]
  • minor Premature connection closing in generic agent REST handler
  • minor Missing scrollbar in Action Log [RK0006]
  • minor [Web Console] Sorting by node column in node table was not working
  • minor Missing custom application definitions in Flows, after importing the Atlas
  • minor [RK0006] Missing scrollbar in action log (Event Details window)
  • minor Missing hint for interfaces in expression editor [RK0008]
  • minor Sensor tiles on dashboard missing Sensor Identifier
  • minor Missing grid views in web console
  • minor Wrong Interfaces tile state in multiselection

Version 11.0.4

(December 09, 2020)

19 Fixes
  • major Problems with managing user access rights
  • major Problem with sending reports to the admin user (MD0003)
  • major Missing features for Legacy Licenses which were available in NC10.9 (MD0004)
  • major Problem with Windows Monitor after upgrade from 10.9.3
  • major Filtering by atlas view was not working in the node selection window
  • major Unable to update existing NetCrunch Server instance
  • major Problem with ESXi monitoring when credentials contain special characters (MD0002)
  • minor Logging into NetCrunch console with a password that includes comma (SP0001)
  • minor NetCrunch not accepting underscore character in DNS Names (RK0003)
  • minor Alert for 'Windows Service not running' (RK0002)
  • minor Values form 'Data Center' custom field don't appear in the list in the filtering expression (RK0001)
  • minor Logging into NetCrunch console using DNS Name (MD0001)
  • minor Alerting action using parameter name instead of its value (SP0003)
  • minor Missing SNMP Trap parameter in Event Details and e-mail notification (SP0002)
  • minor Problem with IP tools stopping after a few minutes
  • minor Integration with ServiceDesk Plus server using self-signed SSL certificate
  • minor The wrong browser used to sign in to the licensing portal with Google
  • minor Redundant options in the node context menu appeared after the upgrade
  • minor Nodes tab shows blank on Safari browser

Version 11.0.3

(November 03, 2020)

2 Fixes
  • major Overall stability fixes
  • major Issues with upgrading localized editions data

Version 11.0.2

(October 30, 2020)

25 Features

16 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • Event Log Analytics Views Provides a comprehensive view on typical time ranges (24hr, 7 days, and 30 days) providing various summary views.

  • IP Tools for Desktop and Web 12 IP Tools that can be run locally (desktop) or remotely (from NC server or any Remote Probe)

  • Improved Camera Sensor Camera sensor supports now several new alerts such as ` Alert if the camera image could have been tampered`, ` Alert if the camera image differs from the reference image` and alert `On motion detection`

  • Improved DICOM C-ECHO Sensor supports `Calling EA title` and `Called EA title` configuration.

  • Improved Event Log History View New history view offers broad view on alert history (event log) and allows ad hoc analysis providing quick filtering and grouping.

  • Improved Notifications NetCrunch now integrates with Windows 10 notification system offering a much better experience. Notifications are also present in the web console window now.

  • Improved Remote Probe Remote Probe is now capable of monitoring: ESXi, vCenter, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, BSD, Solaris, SNMP Traps, Syslog Messages, Web Messages, Generic Agent Requests, IPSLA, 70+ Sensors, 70+ Networks Services, and over 150 Monitoring Packs

  • Improved Windows Monitoring Windows can be monitored by RPC (remote registry - recommended) or by WMI

  • Monitoring Pack - Basic Windows Authorization Monitoring Generating an alert in case of multiple failed login events happening over a short time, when logon attempt was made with explicit credentials or with special privileges assigned.

  • Monitoring Pack - Basic Windows GPO Monitoring Tracking changes in Group/Domain/Authorization Policies, generating an alert when such an event occurs.

  • Monitoring Pack - Cisco Meraki Cloud Controller (SNMP) Shows a collection of statistics from interfaces. Detects and informs about many important events like rogue DHCP server, client IP conflicts, cable errors, and others

  • Monitoring Pack - HW group - Damocles (SNMP) Shows values gathered from Damocles sensors. It can display information from metrics related to water, gas, electricity, and others.

  • Monitoring Pack - HW group - PWR (SNMP) Designed to monitor external M-Bus meters on HWG-PWR devices

  • Monitoring Pack - HW group - STE (SNMP) Collects values of temperature and humidity from external sensors

  • Monitoring Pack - HW group - STE2 (SNMP) Similar to the 'HW group - STE (SNMP)'. This Monitoring Pack contains a report that allows to display values from temperature and humidity sensors

  • Monitoring Pack - HW group - WLD (SNMP) Reports about water leak detections

  • Monitoring Pack - NVIDIA Quadro GPU Dedicated for NVIDIA Quadro graphic cards. Alerts about high GPU, Memory, and Bus usage. Shows metrics also from Core Clock, Fan Speed, Temperature, and Power Consumption.

  • Monitoring Pack - ZyXel USG Flex (SNMP) Alerts when Memory, Flash, or CPU usage is high. Gathers information from VPN.

  • Notes View See aggregated notes from all nodes of selected Atlas view.

  • Reporting Enhancements New Report Viewer and enhanced reporting capabilities for performance reports

  • Support for timezones Support for NetCrunch server, probes, and console located in different time zones.

  • Unified Trend Viewer which provides same user experience for desktop and web console

  • Update Apache Web Server Monitor supports monitoring of latest Apache servers

  • Web Console Update Includes notification, trend viewer, better grid views, external events and many more...

  • vCenter Monitoring New sensor allows monitoring ESX hosts through vCenter.

  • major Issue with no data for Memory counters on the Nodes with some BSD versions
  • major Issue with Linux Monitor not receiving data from the Nodes with SSSD authentication
  • major Issue with some alerts not being closed properly
  • major Issue with remote connections not being cleared properly
  • major Issue with License file being removed when uninstalling NetCrunch
  • major Issue with possibility to add a Node with incorrect Monitoring Time by API
  • minor Issue with action 'Trigger Webhook' when destination URL uses TLS 1.3
  • minor Layout issue with more than 1k simultaneous Monitoring Issues
  • minor Layout issue with adding alerts/collectors for IP SLA Single Operation in specific scenario
  • minor Issue with IP SLA tags not being displayed in Sensor Test
  • minor Issue with some folders/files not being removed after uninstallation
  • minor Issue with missing icons for Windows Server 2012 R2 and older
  • minor Issue with templates displayed on the Monitor View
  • minor Issue with improperly displayed search bar in System Views for Hyper-V Nodes
  • minor Issue with Event Preview incorrectly displayed in specific case
  • minor Issue with incorrectly displayed Services Status in Event Details


Version 10.9.3

(August 07, 2020)

11 Fixes
  • critical Sometimes server could not start because of wrong XML encoding in UserProfiles.XML file
  • major After entering wrong character in top charts filter server crashes on wrong RegExp
  • major Issue with wmi object status when monitoring change from "any" to "unknown" state
  • major Fix managing folders in Monitoring Packs & Policies window
  • major Default request timeout when connecting to DB services in SQL sensors was too small
  • major Fixed AV when closing Monitoring Packs & Policies after adding a folder
  • major Improved overall stability of Desktop Console and NetCrunch Server
  • minor Fixed missing counter descriptions when selecting windows counters
  • minor SNMP should not count ICMP errors not related to SNMP
  • minor Custom SNMP profiles were displayed when re-scanning the Atlas
  • minor Wrong number of selected data sources on Flow dashboard

Version 10.9.2

(June 26, 2020)

11 Fixes
  • critical Random console crash when changing network map view
  • critical Server memory leaks happening in certain cases
  • major Performance improvements in processing monitoring of over 1000 nodes
  • major Performance issues with processing a large SNMP tables
  • major Problem with hanging Flow Analytics window
  • major Web page sensor resource load error alert
  • major SNMP request limiter not working properly
  • major MIB Browser was showing all variables from all modules instead from the module selected in the MIB list
  • major Error in processing SNMP tables introduced in 10.9.1
  • minor MIB Browser when copying OID to clipboard wrong value has been copied when the list was filtered
  • minor IP SLA status layout glitch

Version 10.9.0

(May 15, 2020)

17 Features

12 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • New Integration Service Desk Plus (on premises) integration added

  • New Monitoring Pack: Checkpoint VPN Shows and informs about status and state of VPN tunnel, decryption errors

  • New Monitoring Pack: Fortigate VPN Monitors VPN traffic and session statistics

  • New Monitoring Pack: Nutanix Hypervisor Monitors cluster state, storage capacity and processor, memory of the Hypervisor

  • New Monitoring Pack: Nutanix Storage Monitors disk space, container and storage pool capacity

  • New Monitoring Pack: Nutanix VM Gathers data and alerts about memory and processor related to Nutanix virtual machines

  • New Monitoring Pack: Pulse Secure Hardware Monitors MAG application blade temperature, RAID, fans, power supplies statuses

  • New Monitoring Pack: Pulse Secure Network Interfaces Alerts if any interface went down

  • New Monitoring Pack: Pulse Secure System Health Alerts about high usage of CPU, memory and disk, swap and log file capacity

  • New Monitoring Pack: Pulse Secure Users Monitors counters related to web, cluster and concurrent meeting users

  • New Monitoring Pack: RDP Services Monitors status of Windows Services related to RDP, additionally shows number of sessions on a given machine.

  • New Monitoring Pack: SMSEagle Monitors overall condition of the SMSEagle device, signal strength, messages statistics, processor, memory, disk, interfaces, network services and any other parameters

  • New Network Service Monitor - Windows RDP

  • New Sensor - Windows Registry This sensor uses WMI to retrieve and monitor values from Windows Registry

  • New Sensor - Windows Task Scheduler This sensor monitors the status of Windows Task Scheduler tasks. It can trigger an alert if task configuration has changed or if a task has not run on time.

  • New system view for Windows - Windows Scheduled Task This view shows list of tasks, their status, triggers, and other vital information related to Windows Task Scheduler

  • REST API update It is now possible to select monitoring provider (probe) when adding nodes via REST-API

  • critical Issue where the state of alerts raised by nodes monitored by the remote probe was incorrect.
  • major Fixed false spikes in data transmitted metric of interface traffic
  • major Issue related to 'Write to Windows event log' action
  • major Fixed 'Port Aggregator changed' false alert
  • major Fixed random gaps in Flow trends
  • major Fixed empty expanded charts (SNMP counters) at node performance status
  • major Issue related to E3Meter monitoring Pack where counters were showing 'no data'.
  • major Issue where a node with SNMP v3 with encryption goes down and then up - error related to snmp is raised even when credentials weren't changed.
  • major Issue related to switching between data sources in the flows.
  • major Issue where network Services and Sensors disappeared from the Node after removing monitoring template
  • minor Added 'Disabled by License' filter to 'Interface Monitoring' filtering condition
  • minor Copying a view will now copy custom layout (if present)


Version 10.8.2

(March 03, 2020)

1 Features

10 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • Updated OpenSSL To version 1.0.2u

  • critical Issue related to multiple 'node down' events generated in a specific scenario
  • major Issue where changing NetCrunch server port would result in System and sensor monitors to fail.
  • major Issue where widgets weren't properly rendering in high resolution
  • major Issue where calculated counters weren't properly collected after configuration save
  • major Issue related to gaps in trends based on SNMP counters
  • major Issue related to conditional alert that triggers two actions
  • major Issue related to the wrong value saved and displayed by the script sensor that is used the same parser.
  • major Console and Server stability fixes
  • major Issue related to Issues generated on ESX hosts
  • minor Minor fixes and performance improvements

Version 10.8.1

(December 09, 2019)

19 Features

18 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • Cisco CBQoS sensor The sensor allows monitoring of QoS statistics via SNMP.

  • Generate Self-Signed Certificate for Web Access It's possible to create certificate directly from NetCrunch Console

  • IP SLA Multi-operation sensor The sensor monitors multiple operations using single configuration.

  • LDAP Authentication Sensor The sensor connects to LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) server and tries to bind using specified Distinguished Name and password.

  • Netflow - Support for IPFix from vCenter virtual switch

  • New Authentication protocols for SNMP version 3 New HMAC-SHA-2 authentication protocols for USM using a Hashed Message Authentication Code (HMAC) based on the SHA-2 family of hash functions: SHA-256 (truncated to 192 bits), SHA-512 (truncated to 384 bits)

  • New Monitoring Pack: Fortinet Generic (SNMP) Monitors fan, power supply and temperature sensors

  • New Monitoring Pack: Allied Telesis AlliedWare Plus (SNMP) Shows and informs about memory, processor, PSU, fans and temperatures parameters and issues

  • New Monitoring Pack: Aruba Access Point (SNMP) Monitors processor, memory, Access Point state and Radio parameters

  • New Monitoring Pack: Fortinet FortiSwitch (SNMP) Monitors processor, memory and disks

  • New Monitoring Pack: HPE Nimble Storage - Disk Array (SNMP) Shows and informs about RAID, array and disks parameters and issues

  • New Monitoring Pack: HPE Nimble Storage - Network (SNMP) Monitors links and Fibre Channel links.

  • New Monitoring Pack: HPE Nimble Storage - System (SNMP) Monitors fan, power supply, temperatures, controllers and SAS links

  • New Monitoring Pack: Tripp Lite - Cooling (SNMP) Monitors temperature sensor, compressor pressure and other parameters

  • New Monitoring Pack: Tripp Lite - PDU (SNMP) Monitors output and input power parameters

  • New Monitoring pack: Tripp Lite - UPS (SNMP) Monitors temperature, battery, input and output power parameters

  • TACACS+ Sensor Checks the server connectivity and tries to authenticate a specified user.

  • TFTP support for all file or folder related sensors

  • WMI Battery Sensor The sensor monitors battery connected to the computer system (Laptop battery or UPS connected to the computer)

  • critical 7 security vulnerabilities related to web console discovered after independent 3rd party security audit
  • major Desktop Console Stability Fixes - We put much effort in this release to improve desktop console stability.
  • major Issue with not releasing server connections by Web Console sessions
  • major Fix problem with data gaps on trend charts for Windows and SNMP monitors
  • major Linux and ESXi Alerts (performance triggers) were not cleared properly after NetCrunch Server restart
  • major In certain situation trends data could contain gaps
  • major Template Nodes support using custom profiles now
  • major After switching dahboard to full screen and back, a graphical map could be not visible
  • major Issue related to ESX node status - Virtual machines where host memory column always shows 0
  • major Overall stability and performance improvements
  • major Issue related to wrong device type assigned to ESXi 6.5 by the discovery wizard
  • major Issue related to node template fields were incorrectly shown as empty after template creation based on a node
  • major Issue where sensor couldn't be edited if "- " (dash) was present in page id
  • major Issue where links on physical segments were shown as 'not monitored' incorrectly.
  • major Issues related to NetCrunch Server high handle utilitization (leaking)
  • major Issue related to backup creation on atlas when monitoring is disabled
  • major 'Set Monitoring Engine Parameters' do not change authentication profile
  • major Issue where remote connection to NetCrunch server wasn't closed properly


Version 10.7.1

(September 30, 2019)

4 Fixes
  • major Added missing DBRequester.exe file required for SQL monitoring
  • major Some Windows System Views were showing empty or data were appearing after a long time
  • major Rare issue where Python parser could replace already configured parsers in sensors
  • major Rare issue related to interface monitoring (disable by license)

Version 10.7.0

(September 21, 2019)

22 Features

13 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • Added Hyper-V pages Similarly to ESX and ESXi/VM this view contains all information related to Hyper-V virtualization hosts and Hyper-V virtual machines

  • Added Uptime column for Windows machines on a Windows tab

  • Device type can be set for nodes monitored by remote probes This feature will put all nodes with device types to filtered views like all nodes monitored by NetCrunch server directly.

  • Improved charts in Performance Tab located in Node Status window Click on chart to see data from 24h, 7days or 30 days with min,max and avg. values.

  • Improvement - IP SLA A test functionality has been added to IP SLA sensor

  • Improvement SQL Sensors Added option 'No database' for queries that aren't using specific databases

  • Improvement for Email Round Trip Sensor Added timeout property for maximum time to wait for the message to receive

  • Monitoring Pack - CyberPower Environment (SNMP) Shows and informs about values gathered from humidity and temperature sensors

  • Monitoring Pack - CyberPower PDU (SNMP) Monitors Power Supplies and Rack PDU

  • Monitoring Pack - CyberPower UPS (SNMP) Monitors information about battery, temperature and UPS power parameters

  • Monitoring Pack - Ironport (SNMP) Monitors system, disk and queue utilization of email security appliance.

  • Monitoring Pack - Riedo Networks E3METER (SNMP) Monitors information about temperature, humidity and power parameters.

  • Monitoring Pack - Rittal CMC III (SNMP) Monitors overall condition of the CMC system, CMC unit and state of sensors connected to it.

  • Monitoring Pack - Rittal CMC TC (SNMP) Monitors overall condition of the chassis and all devices connected to CMC PU.

  • Monitoring Pack - Riverbed SteelFusion (SNMP) Monitors counter related to CPU, Connections and Bandwidth

  • Monitoring Pack - Riverbed SteelHead (SNMP) Monitors counter related to CPU, Connections and Bandwidth

  • Monitoring Pack - Server Technology Sentry 3 (SNMP) Monitors power and environment parameters

  • Monitoring Pack - Sophos XG Firewall (SNMP) Alerts about high usage of CPU, Memory, Disk and Swap.

  • Putty has been updated to version 0.71

  • Python Parsers You can use Python scripts to create Data Parsers and Text Parsing Expressions now

  • Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.2t

  • WBEM Sensors WBEM data, WBEM object, WBEM WQL query: object allowing WBEM monitoring over HTTP/SOAP protocol

  • critical Correlations monitoring pack - no correlation alert could be defined
  • major Issue related to REST API where credential type couldn't be accessed with a user different than admin
  • major Issue where Network Service down alert was generated after node monitoring was enabled.
  • major Issue where source node couldn't be selected for SNMP counters in templates
  • major Issue where Windows Service alerts were closed by wrong events
  • major Issue related to alert definition duplication in nodes managed by templates.
  • major Issue related to conditional alert "Pending for more than" that was generated incorrectly.
  • major Issues related to map objects painted at the wrong places
  • major Issue related to drawing glitches on maps
  • major Issue related to the description of the counter with all instances selected.
  • major Issue related to the incorrect counter description when all instances are selected in Add SNMP counter window
  • minor Issue when switching between data parsers could remove contents of the parser.
  • minor Missing translations


Version 10.6.1

(June 27, 2019)

1 Features

15 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • Updated: OpenSSL Updated to version 1.0.2s

  • major Issue with 'Run SSH script' not working correctly in some cases
  • major Issue with incorrectly drawn maps in Web Access
  • major Issue with hidden pending alerts signaled on dashboards but missing in the Event Log view in specific cases
  • major Issue with WQL Query:Object sensor incorrect counter list displayed for a specific query
  • major Issue with WMI Object sensor not supporting query for a specific instance
  • major Issue with needless 'Service UP' event triggered in specific cases
  • major Issue with specific Cisco switch models missing on a routing map
  • major Issue in custom reports which were missing 'Down Since' column
  • major Issue with adding counters in GrafCrunch on nodes with thousands of monitored metrics due request timeout
  • major Issue where specific counters in SQL sensor resulted 'no data'
  • major Issue causing AppCrash in TrendViewer when stopping NCServer service
  • major Issue with SQL sensor not supporting queries using CAST function
  • major Issue with event details not displaying in Web Access
  • minor Issue with ESX Server view not cleaned properly after Atlas change
  • minor Dashboard issue with alerts switching their place due to unstable sorting

Version 10.6.0

(May 21, 2019)

18 Features

22 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • Added Unified Scaling to performance views Now you can visually compare values on the charts as they ax scales match each other.

  • Added filtering We added a filtering/searching option to node interfaces, port mapping, node performance status, and calculated counters window.

  • Connection broker Increased number of concurrent connections to 5

  • Emerson Leiberts UPS (SNMP) Monitoring Pack

  • Extreme Networks (SNMP) Monitoring Pack

  • Huawei (SNMP) Monitoring Pack

  • MSMQ - Windows Message Queueing Monitoring Pack

  • Network Interface Status Window The window gives you a better view of the current state and traffic history of the selected interface. (Opened by clicking on a link in physical segments or routing map)

  • New remote probe version Allows monitoring 75 services and all supported sensors including WMI, cameras, SQL and many more.

  • Revamped node performance status Beside new cleaner charts, it allows filtering by a monitored object or counter name

  • Revamped port mapping allows now easy searching for nodes connected to a port directly or indirectly

  • Service discovery support in remote probe Nodes monitored by the remote probe can use service discovery feature as regular nodes.

  • Support for Extreme Networks switches in Layer 2 mapping

  • Support for Huawei switches in Layer 2 mapping

  • Updated: Node status Now contains information about MAC Address, Connected to (if available), VLAN (if available)

  • Updated: OpenSSL to version 1.0.2r

  • Updated: WMI Sensors Added Authentication Level parameter to WMI sensors

  • Updated: Windows Process and Process Group Summary Added support for Virtual Bytes and Private Bytes counters

  • critical A security vulnerability in the Web client protocol
  • major Issue that false Network Service is up event was generated.
  • major Issue where traffic monitoring stopped working after some time
  • major Various issues regarding custom fields
  • major Issue with GrafCrunch connection using Admin account
  • major Missing enable/disable switcher in External Events
  • major The console could chock for a moment when many (> 1000) sensors are added to the Atlas
  • major Issue where viewing report in pdf format was not possible in WebAccess
  • major Issue with legacy licenses losing the option for linking user account with AD account
  • major Issue where custom timeout value for HTTP connection was not used
  • major Optimizations related to widget managing in multiselection
  • major Optimizations related to sensor managing and editing in multiselection
  • major Optimization related to actions on large number of nodes in multiselection (editing, removing etc.)
  • major Web Console issue with incorrect refreshing of the 'Map' view
  • major Issue with reports could not be sent to Notification Groups
  • minor User configuration is now saved with quick backup
  • minor Issue with incorrect Traffic presentation for multiple Interfaces
  • minor Issue where wrong popup menu was displayed in undocked Event Log
  • minor Overall performance and stability improvements
  • minor Fixes and improvements in performance views
  • minor Issue with incorrect 'New Version available' notification
  • minor Issue with Windows Processes System View - memory column is now sorted correctly


Version 10.5.1

(February 08, 2019)

4 Features

6 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • Added new Device Type Added support for Windows 2019

  • German, Japanese, Polish Language Release

  • Improvement Loading Physical Segment view has been optimized

  • Limit SNMP pending request This option can be used to limit how many requests are sent by NetCrunch to SNMP devices to avoid device overload

  • critical Issue where remote probe couldn't connect to NetCrunch server
  • major Issue where startup script wasn't executed
  • major Issue where Interface alerts were not correctly upgraded from version 9.3
  • major Issue where web browser options were missing after restarting NCServer service
  • major Issue where 'Monitoring Time' option were always set to default (5min) after upgrade or import of Network Atlas
  • minor Stability fixes

Version 10.5.0

(January 18, 2019)

16 Features

12 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • 130 New MIBs added to MIB database

  • Ability to filter multi-instance counters Filtering has been added to multi-instance performance counters. For example, you can now select all disks except cd-rom.

  • Active Directory Replication Sensor This sensor checks a Windows Domain Controller for replication errors.

  • Custom Fields You can convert edit field to pick list and vice versa now

  • Generic ZyXEL IES Series Monitoring Pack (SNMP) Includes monitoring of chassis, system parameters, voltage, temperature and fan status.

  • Generic ZyXEL ZyWALL Monitoring Pack (SNMP) Includes monitoring of CPU, Memory utilization, blocked packets, VPN tunnels and network interfaces.

  • Improved Windows Processes View It's possible to see parameters of the processes

  • Manage access to NetCrunch through AD groups It's possible to assign NetCrunch access Profile to Active Directory Group

  • Monitoring Packs It's possible to convert user-created Static Monitoring Packs to Dynamic Monitoring Packs and vice versa

  • NetCrunch REST API Add, remove, get information about nodes, views, credentials, folders, and sensors via REST requests.

  • Notification Panel Information about: program updates, missing monitoring credentials, license or subscription expiration dates, and newest articles in Knowledge Base or in our blog, are now all accessible in the new notification panel.

  • Pending Reboot Sensor Windows sensor for checking pending reboots.

  • Pending Updates View New System View available on Windows nodes

  • Script Sensor Improvement Added support for PSCredential object for PowerShell Scripts

  • Security Update OpenSSL has been updated to version 1.0.2q

  • Windows Updates Sensor The sensor monitors the status of Windows updates on a computer. Counts installed updates, updates available to install and updates that weren't installed or failed to install.

  • critical Unable to add alert "Network interface UP"
  • critical Sometimes, after adding sensors Monitoring Engine was not available
  • critical Sometimes, scheduled reports were not sent
  • critical TruVision recorder sensor couldn't connect to some devices
  • major DNS Name were not resolved automatically for workstations added by network scan
  • major Undefined is not a function issue on Hyper-V Hosts/Virtual Machines
  • major Data collectors couldn't be added to node Flows setting
  • major Missing options in Event Log Details Pane
  • major Issue related to custom port in MSSQL database sensors
  • minor After switching from simulated to a regular Network Atlas, some nodes may incorrectly appear as unlicensed
  • minor Stability fixes
  • minor "Play sound" notification error on the server start


Version 10.4.2

(October 27, 2018)

1 Fixes
  • minor Stability fixes

Version 10.4.1

(October 16, 2018)

1 Features

2 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • Language Version Release English, French, German, Japanese, Polish versions available

  • critical Manually created alert definitions were not upgraded to version 10.4.0
  • minor Stability fixes

Version 10.4.0

(October 06, 2018)

83 Features

27 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • 'Data Center' custom field added 'Data Center' default value is the same as the read-only 'DataCenterInfo' field from ESXi system. The field value can be modified in NetCrunch, although the change is not transferred outside to the ESXi system.

  • 100+ precompiled SNMP MIBs added with support for various vendors and devices

  • 3000+ Device Vendors added to OUI database

  • 5 Monitoring Packs Updated Cisco ASA VPN Tunnels (SNMP), Dell OpenManage (SNMP), HP Systems Insight Manager (SNMP), IIS, Juniper EX Switches HealthMon (SNMP), Juniper SRX (SNMP)

  • APC UPS Hardware (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • Added Pick List field type in custom node fields

  • Added support for /31 and /32 network mask nodes with such masks are added to "Singletons" view under IP Networks

  • Amazon SNS Integration Send message through Amazon Simple Notification Service

  • Basic SIP Sensor Checks connection and session negotiation with SIP server

  • Buffalo TeraStation (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • Cisco ADSL (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • Cisco CBQoS (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • Cisco Nexus Monitoring Pack added

  • Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System) (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • Console performance enhanced several important performance and stability improvements (e.g. reduced the number of requests from console to server)

  • DELL iDRAC IPMI Sensor

  • DICOM C-Echo Sensor

  • Dell EMC Isilon OneFS (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • Dell EMC Sensor

  • Dell EqualLogic Disk (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • Dell EqualLogic Health (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • Dell iDRAC (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • Device Types added Cisco Nexus n6000 and Dell Networking N2048 are now recognized by NetCrunch

  • Docker Container Sensor Allows remote monitoring of docker containers

  • ESXi/VM View Page added, it contains all virtual machines from a given Atlas view

  • Eaton ATS (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • Eaton UPS (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • Filtering of interface improved New ifAlias filter added to interface monitor filters

  • Folder Sensor Improvement New counter and two new alert conditions for Folder Content check added

  • Fortinet Fortigate Monitoring Pack added

  • Fujitsu iRMC (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • Generic UPS (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • HP BladeSystem Health (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • HP ProLiant Disk (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • HP ProLiant Network Adapter (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • HP iLO IPMI Sensor

  • HTTP Basic and REST HTTP Sensor Improvement Two new counters for HTTP Basic and REST HTTP sensor added

  • Hyper-V Host Monitoring NetCrunch now detects and allows you to configure Hyper-V monitor

  • Hyper-V VM monitor Monitors statuses of VMs and gets important VM metrics from Hyper-V

  • IBM IMM (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • IBM IMM IPMI Sensor

  • IBM System x Disk (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • IBM System x System Health (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • ICMP Jitter Sensor for checking network connection quality

  • IPMI Log Sensor allows monitoring messages in IPMI log

  • IPMI Sensors Improvement Added support for authentication with the encryption key (KG) for all IPMI Sensors

  • Important Security Update! OpenSSL updated to 1.0.2p version

  • Improved Searching of Monitoring Packs All Monitoring Packs can be filtered by search tags; Monitoring Packs and Policies display the number of matching entries

  • Improved monitoring of Juniper switches Traffic data on Physical Segments is read from the physical interfaces instead of logical ones

  • Interface monitoring improvement Interface monitoring for secondary interfaces is disabled automatically now to prevent duplicated monitoring and unnecessary license consumption

  • Interface monitoring improvement Creation of event rules for Network Interface State - now it's possible to select interface by filtering interface properties

  • Interface monitoring improvements Added one new alert: Event Trigger for Network Interface Performance Counter and one new collector: Network Interfaces Trend Report

  • Juniper NetScreen (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • LenovoEMC System Health (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • MS Project Server 2013 Monitoring Pack added

  • MS Project Server 2016 Monitoring Pack added

  • MS SQL Server 2012-2017 Monitoring Pack added

  • Messagebird SMS Integration Send messages through MessageBird service

  • Microsoft Teams Integration Send messages to Teams server

  • Mikrotik Router (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • Monitoring Pack QNAP Disk (SNMP)

  • Netgear ReadyNAS System Health (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • Organization Filter for Actions allows executing an action only for nodes that belong to given organizational group

  • Palo Alto Networks Firewall (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • Physical Segments improvement Interface utilization on physical segments map is displayed with more precision now (up to five decimal places)

  • Poseidon (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • QNAP System Health (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • RMON Traffic (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • Remote Script Sensor Allows executing monitoring scripts remotely using SSH (scripts must be present on a remote machine)

  • SSL Certificate Sensor improvement added new alerts (e.g. weak public key) and additional certificate fields checked by sensor

  • Script Sensor allows executing scripts located on NetCrunch server machine

  • SharePoint 2013 Monitoring Pack added

  • SharePoint 2016 Monitoring Pack added

  • SonicWall System Health (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • SonicWall VPN Traffic (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • Synology Disk (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • Synology System Health (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • System Views added Services, Processes and Sessions lists displayed in the Node Status of Windows nodes

  • Traceroute Sensor

  • Web Browser Window GrafCrunch or a device web page can be added as a window or tab in NetCrunch desktop console

  • Windows Print Queue Monitoring Pack added

  • iNodes Sensor

  • interSeptor Pro Environment (SNMP) Monitoring Pack added

  • critical Connection to server could be lost after choosing certain Performance Objects during alerts or data collectors' setup
  • critical Discovery packet error in SNMPv3 monitor
  • critical After an upgrade from NC9.3 to 10, sensor counters (for EmailMailbox:POP3, Generic Agent, File:Windows, File:Text and Folder:Windows) were not updated properly
  • major 'Node is DOWN' alert was not generated under certain circumstances related to monitoring dependencies
  • major State of Atlas Tree loaded incompletely after console restart (missing bookmarks)
  • major Selecting some WMI namespaces was impossible. Now NetCrunch scans namespaces three levels down and allows entering any namespace by hand
  • major File Sensor using Windows protocol could stop working after second monitoring time due to interference with Windows Monitor
  • major Monitoring VMware vCenter Server Appliance 5.5 with OS Linux monitor could fail because of "SSH handshake" error
  • major Port Mapping is visible now regardless of interfaces monitor status
  • major Issue with incorrect MIB grouping after adding new MIBs to NetCrunch
  • major Printer Sensor worked incorrectly on non-printer SNMP devices
  • major Custom HTTP Headers fields in sensor settings became empty and could not be modified
  • major Alerts for counters containing colon in instance couldn't be displayed in Node Status > Performance view
  • major After applying 'All Alerts' filter in Custom View in Event Log, pending alerts from whole atlas were displayed
  • major Issue with rendering Atlas folders
  • major After some time 'no data' was displayed on the Availability chart located in the Node Status > Network Services view
  • major Sometimes after server restart creating performance triggers alerts was not possible
  • major Port mapping and VLANs weren't displayed for specific Juniper switch models
  • major Data collectors for Flow Global Counters could not be added because of empty source node list
  • major Missing value alert wasn't working for Generic Agent Sensor
  • major REST HTTP sensor's counters couldn't be added to data widgets and performance charts
  • major Wrong data was displayed for particular SNMP counters
  • major Data wasn't shown in port mapping for specific HP switch
  • major Sometimes, AdRemCefHelper processes were running after closing NetCrunch console and they could overutilizing the processor
  • minor Monitoring Time displayed in Node Status wasn't displayed for non-IP nodes
  • minor Missing icons in Select Monitoring Pack dialog
  • minor Down by Dependency  state wasn't displayed in Node Status


Version 10.3.2

(June 06, 2018)

8 Fixes
  • critical Flow server could stop working because of incoming text encoding
  • critical Flow server could stop working when incoming flow field was too long
  • major WMI namespace list should be read from the remote node instead of NetCrunch server node
  • major Fixed issue where single alert could close all alerts related to single alerting rule
  • major Fixed issue related to adding alerts to interfaces
  • major Fixed issue related to missing resource counters in Web Page sensor
  • major Fixed issue where monitoring could be disabled after NC Server machine restart
  • major Fixed issue where counters weren't collected after NC Server restart

Version 10.3.1

(May 11, 2018)

10 Fixes
  • critical NetCrunch server couldn't connect to ESXi after the upgrade because of missing DLL
  • critical Creating/opening Atlas lead to deadlock in certain cases
  • major Fixed SNMP issues in handling a large number of SNMP requests (> 60K)
  • major ESXi monitor did not try to reconnect if ESXi machine wasn't available at NetCrunch Server start
  • major Interfaces were incorrectly counted after server restart
  • major Counters on Remote Probe Node weren't collected properly
  • major Multi-counter charts (charts grouped by counter) weren't displayed properly
  • major Fixed issue related to reading Windows counter name index on localized systems requiring Unicode encoding (i.e. Japanese, Russian)
  • major The Atlas was in inconsistent state after the import
  • major After importing the Atlas which had custom grid layout dashboards were missing

Version 10.3.0

(April 26, 2018)

11 Features

11 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • Desktop Console stability and performance have been improved

  • Dynamic Views filter extended. You can now set dynamic view filtering upon interface monitoring state

  • Generic IPMI Sensor is the new sensor that allows monitoring any parameters provided by the device

  • GrafCrunch and Grafana plugin updated to the latest version (5.0.1)

  • Help Desk Integrations have been updated to latest versions of APIs (OPS Genie, Mojo Helpdesk, JitBit)

  • IP Address Prefix can be changed on multiple nodes at once by multi-selection

  • Interface Monitoring - you can now setup interface monitoring policy using a filtering expression

  • Oracle Database Connectivity parameters have been improved

  • Physical Segments map layout has been improved

  • Security Updates - Open SSL has been updated to the latest version. Java runtime updated to 10.0.1

  • Web Console browser compatibility improvements

  • critical Fixed Issue where images could occasionally disappear from the map
  • critical Fixed Issue where images could occasionally disappear after atlas import
  • critical Fixed Issue where last selected map layout wasn't saved
  • major Fixed issue related to changing encoding options for Syslog also changed encoding options for SNMP Traps
  • major Fixed issue with Squid3 monitoring pack restrictions
  • major Check for update wouldn't detect new version of NetCrunch available
  • major Device type Discovery wasn't working for ESX version 6.5
  • major Fixed issue related to configuration of COM GSM Devices
  • major Fixed issue where IP addresses of nodes would disappear when custom fields were added in multi-selection
  • major Fixed issue where widgets would became blank occasionally
  • major Fixed issue related to DNS sensor where only MX record were returned in sensor Test


Version 10.2.0

(March 20, 2018)

18 Features

14 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • Active Interfaces NetCrunch monitors only active interfaces by default

  • Basic IPMI Sensors Monitor various hardware parameters using IPMI

  • Create Icon from Jpeg Easily create icons with transparent background from Jpeg images

  • Data Integrity Check The program checks for Atlas Data integrity before performing a backup, to avoid creating broken backups

  • Data Parser It allows define external data formats (using XPath, JSONPath, DOM Selectors) or Javascript to transform any external data into NetCrunch counters and status objects

  • Dynamic Field in Reports Table reports support custom fields now

  • IP Camera Sensors Get snapshot from camera and place as widget on the map. Supports HTTP and ONVIF cameras

  • Improved Documentation Documentation is up to date now and contains many new topics

  • Language Version Japanese version available

  • New Web Trend Viewer A new trend viewer in Web Console

  • REST HTTP Sensors New sensor can process any HTTP request result

  • SQL Sensor Enhancements Added support for SQL based sensors queries with AS, JOIN, CAST and CONVERT

  • SSH Remote Ping Run ping remotely using SSH connection

  • Snapshot Image Widget New widget can display snapshot image status objects (from camera or any other source)

  • Support Legacy SMTP servers Round-trip email sensor supports authentication-less SMTP servers now

  • TruVision Recorder Monitor parameters of video recorders by Intelogix

  • WMI HDD Health Sensors Monitor HDD disks using SMART technology

  • XPath, JSONPath and DOM Selectors New text parsing expression allow easy parsing XML, HTML and JSON data

  • critical Faulty libraries caused NetCrunch Server app crash on some machines
  • critical NC internal SMTP server wasn't not working properly
  • major Missing Message Format after upgrade
  • major After server temp directory cleanup NetCrunch Server could stop synchronizing settings with the console.
  • major Flow Server was throwing an exception on invalid flow template data
  • major NC was hanging on 'Progress Window' during Atlas upgrade
  • major Fixed wrong path to pre-generated SSL certificate
  • major SSL Certificate sensor was connecting using IP Address instead by DNS Name
  • major Fixed saving changes in integration profiles
  • major After double click on the node, 'Status' window could open for incorrect node
  • major '%Processor Utilization' counter wasn't collected
  • major NetCrunch Server not restarted automatically after license activation
  • major WMI Sensors stopped working after remote machine has been restarted
  • major Overall stability fixes


Version 10.1.1

(January 31, 2018)

4 Features

8 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • Documentation Update New features are fully documented now

  • Language Versions English, German, French, Polish versions available

  • Migration Available new upgraded licenses for version 9 customers

  • Uptime sensor Added alert when restart of the device is detected

  • major SQL Query:Data Sensor is properly processing single records now
  • major Integrations were broken in the previous release
  • major One of Alcatel devices has been improperly classified
  • major Port mapping showed no data for Alcatel switch
  • major UI. Creating Report from View feature has been fixed
  • minor NetCrunch protocol definition wasn't updated for Flow Analyzer
  • minor UI. In certain situation adding alerts to syslog or traps was not possible
  • minor UI. SNMP profiles in SNMP View window were not working properly

Version 10.1.0

(January 22, 2018)

8 Features

4 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • HTTP Sensor Has follow redirect option now

  • Improved Atlas Wizard It gives you a better overview of all automatic monitoring packs enabled for the Atlas

  • New Icon Manager Window The revamped window allows for searching and tagging newly added icons

  • New Node Settings Wizard The new wizard allows quick setting basic settings like device type, credentials, and an icon for the node

  • Other UI fixes Improved icon rendering, ability to switch between group and list view when selecting sensors

  • Overview/Nodes Dashboard It handles up to 100 nodes in the view

  • Smart Printer Sensor New sensor allows much better SNMP printer monitoring than existing monitoring packs

  • Static Status Sensor It can be always OK (green) or you can set it manually to the desired status

  • critical Connecting SQL sensor to Oracle server has been fixed
  • major Flow node classification could not work correctly when nodes have been added and deleted multiple times
  • major WMI counter processing fixed. Some counter could not been processed correctly when entered with differect character case. (Counter paths should be case insensitive)
  • major Overal Server and Console stability fixes


Version 10.0.2

(December 22, 2017)

35 Features

61 Fixes
New Features & Improvements
  • 9 WMI Sensors allows monitoring data using advanced WQL queries. Available sensors are File Shares, Process, Process Summary, Remote Ping, Time Difference, WMI Data, WMI Object, WMI Perfomn, WQL Query:Object

  • Business Status Node allows you to combine status of various elements such as nodes, services or sensors into one, virtual node status

  • Data File Sensor allows for polling data from a remote file using various channels such as FTP/S, HTTP/S, SSH/Bash, SFTP, Windows/SMB

  • Event suppression is available in every edition and supports triggers and sensor events

  • Extended Multiselection NetCrunch fully supports multi-selection operations on all node settings now

  • Flow Dashboard available for every Atlas View and it supports multiple flow sources now

  • Full IPv6 support Every monitor, node, and sensor now accepts IPv6 addresses. If a node is monitored by DNS name

  • GrafCrunch updated to the latest version of Grafana. It supports organization group filters now.

  • Improved Dynamic Folders work smarter and do not create views if not needed

  • Improved device discovery allows discovering more device types

  • JS Parsing Expression allows using Javascript (ES6) for parsing text expressions

  • Layer 2 Maps Improvements Layer2 maps support Etherchannels now. The main view shows switches with their connections.

  • Link Aggregation Monitoring Pack Allows monitoring switch ports

  • Network interfaces identification is extended and interfaces can be identified by ifAlias or any other pattern

  • New Integrations for sending MQTT messages and for sending text messages through SMS Eagle and AlertOps services

  • New range trigger simplifies checking values in or out of range

  • Node Monitoring Templates allows for easy managing of settings for multiple nodes

  • OpenSSL security update to version 1.0.2n

  • Organizational Groups Add nodes to an organizational group and assign a user to the given group. As a result, the user will see nodes from the given group only.

  • Over precompiled 8500 SNMP MIBs NetCrunch comes with improved SNMPv3 support and thousands of new MIBs precompiled

  • Password for SSL certificate is supported now

  • Performance improvements reduce the processor utilization by 60% during normal server operations

  • Physical Segments Monitoring Pack Allows monitoring if node port link has been changed

  • RADIUS UX Sensor allows for checking authentication process and validates the response from a RADIUS server

  • Redundant Mail Servers allows you to define up to 10 SMTP servers, which are checked in order to send a notification email

  • Remote Probe is lightweight probe that can check 70+ network services performance and availability, including SNMP Ping and HTTP ping

  • Remote Sensor Node You can create a node just to receive data from a remote agent

  • SQL Sensors supports executing SQL query to popular databases. It supports SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and ODBC sources.

  • SSL Certificate Sensor allows checking of the SSL certificate expiration date, and various certificate properties

  • SVG Node icon support allows to use SVG icons to represent nodes

  • Sensor Consolidation Every sensor has been upgraded, and some were consolidated

  • System Uptime Sensor checks device uptime and supports WMI, SSH/Bash, and SNMP protocols

  • Text Log Sensor allows for remote log monitoring by using ssh/bash

  • Updated Status widget can now display status of any sensor object (built-in or custom)

  • Updated VLAN support VLAN dynamic folder has been added to default Atlas views and VLAN column is available in node details grid

  • critical Fixed several memory leaks in Server
  • critical Fixed issue with possible loss of Sensors configuration after Server restart
  • critical Memory leak in Flow Server could happen in certain conditions
  • critical Several important stability and performance improvements
  • critical Occasionally Desktop Console could hang
  • critical Restarting the Server could break the Atlas in certain conditions
  • critical Console could lose connection to the Server in certain conditions
  • critical In the case of very specific circumstances, all Atlas data could be lost
  • critical Fixed several Server deadlocks (causing server to emergency restart)
  • critical After disconnecting Console window disappeared and after reconnection only toolbar was working
  • critical Sometimes after Initial installation layout has not been loaded properly and UI was broken
  • critical Fixed memory leaks in Connection Broker
  • major Fixed displaying traffic on Physical Segments
  • major Fixed issue with sending daily reports by email
  • major Atlas tree could be empty or incomplete in specific circumstances
  • major Fixed a few issues with dragging/copying nodes
  • major Fixed several issues in Dynamic Folders
  • major Several issues fixed in MIB Compiler
  • major Several fixes in Widgets
  • major Generic Agent Sensor - Event based on expiration doesn't use Retention Time
  • major Fixed issue with displaying Avaya switches in Physical Segments view
  • major Authentication profile was set to default if monitoring time was changed for multiple nodes
  • major Fixed adding new fields for multiple nodes
  • major Fixed issue with changing filtering of automatic discovery
  • major New nodes added via External Events now have proper IP and mask
  • major Fixed possible gaps in trends from Network Service counters
  • major Fixed issue with displaying the same traffic speed value for Interfaces with the same name
  • major Fixed issue with displaying traffic data for certain switches on Interfaces tab
  • major Fixed issue with automatic enabling of monitoring after disabling it for a specified period of time
  • major SNMP counter alerts had no correlations when imported from a Monitoring Pack
  • major Windows Event Log Monitor was not reconnecting when unknown error occured
  • major %HD Bandwidth Utilization counter was not properly calculated for 10 Gb interfaces
  • major Fixed automatically setting dependency for ESX virtual machine
  • major Better support for Atlases with several thousand nodes
  • major Fixed possible gaps in Raw data for UNIX based systems
  • major Fixed issue with traps containing the Source Host variable
  • major Fixed issue with setting SNMP variable manually
  • major Fixed issue with getting event log list for Windows Event Log
  • major Fixed adding sensor counters to Reports in Monitoring Packs
  • major Fixed several Linux actions
  • major Fixed issue with monitoring time of leading service after disabling extended monitoring
  • major Fixed integration with JIRA
  • major Fixed issue with possibility of generating false alerts after Server restart
  • major WebAccess stability fixes
  • major Fixed Solaris tab in WebAccess
  • major Fixed issue with all alerts which contain sign '<' in the alert info or parameters
  • major Fixed issue with unrecognized response on certain Network Services
  • major Apache sensor now works with HTTPS
  • major Fixed issue with displaying Memory counter's values for CentOS7
  • major Fixed integration with ConnectWise
  • minor Fixed adding Network Service with Timeout less than 1000ms
  • minor Fixed problem with Alerting Message Formats causing an issue with saving Parameter in Footer field
  • minor Fixed issue with closing Pending Alerts after disabling Node Monitoring from Node Settings
  • minor Fixed opening View in WebAccess when View name contains a non-breaking space
  • minor Fixed some issues with Notify user or Group action
  • minor Fixed displaying Alert Close Reason in column
  • minor Fixed issue with deleting many nodes
  • minor Now Layout is set to Custom Edited Map instead of Default on first connection of Console
  • minor Many layout and minor issues fixes
  • minor Fixed displaying on HiDPI screens
  • minor Fixed problem with sharing pictures between two Consoles