NetCrunch 10 - Release Notes

NetCrunch 10 Releases


Version 10.3.2 8 Fixes

(June 7, 2018)

Bug Fix Release


  • critical Flow server could stop working because of incoming text encoding
  • critical Flow server could stop working when incoming flow field was too long
  • major WMI namespace list should be read from the remote node instead of NetCrunch server node
  • major Fixed issue where single alert could close all alerts related to single alerting rule.
  • major Fixed issue related to adding alerts to interfaces
  • major Fixed issue related to missing resource counters in Web Page sensor
  • major Fixed issue where monitoring could be disabled after NC Server machine restart
  • major Fixed issue where counters weren't collected after NC Server restart

Version 10.3.1 10 Fixes

(May 12, 2018)

Bug Fix Release


  • criticalNetCrunch server couldn't connect to ESXi after the upgrade because of missing DLL
  • criticalCreating/opening Atlas lead to deadlock in certain cases
  • majorFixed SNMP issues in handling a large number of SNMP requests (> 60K)
  • majorESXi monitor did not try to reconnect if ESXi machine wasn't available at NetCrunch Server start
  • majorInterfaces were incorrectly counted after server restart
  • majorCounters on Remote Probe Node weren't collected properly
  • majorMulti-counter charts (charts grouped by counter) weren't displayed properly
  • majorFixed issue related to reading Windows counter name index on localized systems requiring Unicode encoding (i.e. Japanese, Russian)
  • majorThe Atlas was in inconsistent state after the import
  • majorAfter importing the Atlas which had custom grid layout dashboards were missing

Version 10.3 11 Features 11 Fixes

(April 27, 2018)

Maintenance Release

New Features & Improvements

  • Generic IPMI Sensor is the new sensor that allows monitoring any parameters provided by the device

  • GrafCrunch and Grafana plugin updated to latest version (5.0.1)

  • Physical Segments map layout has been improved

  • Interface Monitorng - you can now setup interface monitoring policy using a filtering expression.

  • Dynamic Views filter extended. You can now set dynamic view filtering upon interface monitoring state

  • Desktop Console stability and performance have been improved

  • Security Updates - Open SSL has been updated to latest version 1.02o. Java runtime updated to 10.0.1

  • IP Address Prefix can be changed on multiple nodes at once by multi-selection

  • Oracle Connectivity parameters have been improved

  • Help Desk Integrations have been updated to latest versions of APIs (OPS Genie, Mojo Helpdesk, JitBit)

  • Web Console browser compatibility improvements

Bug Fixes

  • criticalFixed Issue where images could occasionally disappear from the map
  • criticalFixed Issue where images could occasionally disappear after atlas import
  • criticalFixed Issue where last selected map layout wasn't saved
  • majorFixed issue related to changing encoding options for Syslog also changed encoding options for SNMP Traps
  • majorFixed issue with Squid3 monitoring pack restrictions
  • majorCheck for update wouldn't detect new version of NetCrunch available.
  • majorDevice type Discovery wasn't working for ESX version 6.5
  • majorFixed issue related to configuration of COM GSM Devices
  • majorFixed issue where IP addresses of nodes would disappear when custom fields were added in multi-selection
  • majorFixed issue where widgets would became blank occasionally.
  • majorFixed issue related to DNS sensor where only MX record were returned in sensor Test

Version 10.2 18 Features 14 Fixes

(March 21, 2018)

Feature Release

New Features & Improvements

  • Language Version Japanese version available

  • REST HTTP Sensors New sensor can process any HTTP request result.

  • Basic IPMI Sensors Monitor various hardware parameters using IPMI

  • TruVision Recorder Monitor parameters of video recorders by Intelogix

  • WMI HDD Health Sensors Monitor HDD disks using SMART technology

  • SSH Remote Ping Run ping remotely using SSH connection

  • IP Camera Sensors Get snapshot from camera and place as widget on the map. Supports HTTP and ONVIF cameras.

  • Snapshot Image Widget New widget can display snapshot image status objects (from camera or any other source).

  • XPath, JSONPath and DOM Selectors New text parsing expression allow easy parsing XML, HTML and JSON data

  • Data Parser It allows define external data formats (using XPath, JSONPath, DOM Selectors) or Javascript to transform any external data into NetCrunch counters and status objects.

  • New Web Trend Viewer A new trend viewer in Web Console

  • Create Icon from Jpeg Easily create icons with transparent background from Jpeg images

  • Active Interfaces NetCrunch monitors only active interfaces by default.

  • Data Integrity Check The program checks for Atlas Data integrity before performing a backup, to avoid creating broken backups

  • Dynamic Field in Reports Table reports support custom fields now

  • Support Legacy SMTP servers Round-trip email sensor supports authentication-less SMTP servers now

  • SQL Sensor Enhancements Added support for SQL based sensors queries with AS, JOIN, CAST and CONVERT

  • Improved Documentation Documentation is up to date now and contains many new topics

Bug Fixes

  • criticalFaulty libraries caused NetCrunch Server app crash on some machines
  • criticalNC internal SMTP server wasn't not working properly
  • majorMissing Message Format after upgrade
  • majorAfter server temp directory cleanup NetCrunch Server could stop synchronizing settings with the console.
  • majorFlow Server was throwing an exception on invalid flow template data
  • majorNC was hanging on 'Progress Window' during Atlas upgrade
  • majorFixed wrong path to pre-generated SSL certificate
  • majorSSL Certificate sensor was connecting using IP Address instead by DNS Name
  • majorFixed saving changes in integration profiles
  • majorAfter double click on the node, 'Node Status' window could open for incorrect node
  • major'%Processor Utilization' counter wasn't collected
  • majorNetCrunch Server not restarted automatically after license activation
  • majorWMI Sensors stopped working after remote machine has been restarted
  • majorOverall stability fixes

Version 10.1.1 4 Features 8 Fixes

(February 1, 2018)

Language Versions Release


  • Language Versions English, German, French, Polish versions available

  • Migration Available new upgraded licenses for version 9 customers.

  • Documentation Update New features are fully documented now.

  • Uptime sensor Added alert when restart of the device is detected

Important Bug Fixes

  • majorSQL Query:Data Sensor is properly processing single records now
  • majorIntegrations were broken in the previous release
  • majorOne of Alcatel devices has been improperly classified
  • majorPort mapping showed no data for Alcatel switch
  • majorUI. Creating Report from View feature has been fixed
  • minorNetCrunch protocol definition wasn't updated for Flow Analyzer
  • minorUI. In certain situation adding alerts to syslog or traps was not possible
  • minorUI. SNMP profiles in SNMP View window were not working properly

Version 10.1.0 8 Features 4 Fixes

(January 23, 2018)

Maintenance Release


  • Smart Printer Sensor New sensor allows much better SNMP printer monitoring than existing monitoring packs

  • Static Status Sensor It can be always OK (green) or you can set it manually to the desired status.

  • Improved Atlas Wizard It gives you a better overview of all automatic monitoring packs enabled for the Atlas.

  • New Node Settings Wizard The new wizard allows quick setting basic settings like device type, credentials, and an icon for the node.

  • New Icon Manager Window The revamped window allows for searching and tagging newly added icons.

  • Overview/Nodes Dashboard It handles up to 100 nodes in the view

  • HTTP Sensor Has follow redirect option now

  • Other UI fixes Improved icon rendering, ability to switch between group and list view when selecting sensors

Important Bug Fixes

  • criticalConnecting SQL sensor to Oracle server has been fixed
  • majorFlow node classification could not work correctly when nodes have been added and deleted multiple times
  • majorWMI counter processing fixed. Some counter could not been processed correctly when entered with differect character case. (Counter paths should be case insensitive)
  • majorOveral Server and Console stability fixes

Version 10.0.2Initial Release

(December 23, 2017)

Initial Release


Important Bug Fixes

  • critical Fixed several memory leaks in Server
  • critical Memory leak in Flow Server could happen in certain conditions
  • critical Fixed memory leaks in Connection Broker
  • critical Sometimes after Initial installation layout has not been loaded properly and UI was broken
  • critical After disconnecting Console window disappeared and after reconnection only toolbar was working
  • critical Fixed several Server deadlocks (causing server to emergency restart)
  • critical In the case of very specific circumstances, all Atlas data could be lost
  • critical Fixed issue with possible loss of Sensors configuration after Server restart
  • critical Restarting the Server could break the Atlas in certain conditions
  • critical Occasionally Desktop Console could hang
  • critical Console could lose connection to the Server in certain conditions
  • critical Several important stability and performance improvements
  • major Better support for Atlases with several thousand nodes
  • major Fixed possible gaps in Raw data for UNIX based systems
  • major Fixed issue with traps containing the Source Host variable
  • major Fixed issue with monitoring time of leading service after disabling extended monitoring
  • major Fixed issue with getting event log list for Windows Event Log
  • major Fixed adding sensor counters to Reports in Monitoring Packs
  • major Fixed several Linux actions
  • major Fixed automatically setting dependency for ESX virtual machine
  • major Fixed integration with JIRA
  • major Fixed integration with ConnectWise
  • major Fixed issue with possibility of generating false alerts after Server restart
  • major WebAccess stability fixes
  • major Fixed Solaris tab in WebAccess
  • major Fixed issue with all alerts which contain sign '<' in the alert info or parameters
  • major Fixed issue with unrecognized response on certain Network Services
  • major Apache sensor now works with HTTPS
  • major Fixed issue with displaying Memory counter's values for CentOS7
  • major Fixed issue with setting SNMP variable manually
  • major Windows Event Log Monitor was not reconnecting when unknown error occured
  • major %HD Bandwidth Utilization counter was not properly calculated for 10 Gb interfaces
  • major SNMP counter alerts had no correlations when imported from a Monitoring Pack
  • major Fixed issue with sending daily reports by email
  • major Atlas tree could be empty or incomplete in specific circumstances
  • major Fixed a few issues with dragging/copying nodes
  • major Fixed several issues in Dynamic Folders
  • major Several bug fixes in MIB Compiler
  • major Several fixes in Widgets
  • major Generic Agent Sensor - Event based on expiration doesn't use Retention Time
  • major Fixed displaying traffic on Physical Segments
  • major Authentication profile was set to default if monitoring time was changed for multiple nodes
  • major Fixed adding new fields for multiple nodes
  • major Fixed issue with changing filtering of automatic discovery
  • major New nodes added via External Events now have proper IP and mask
  • major Fixed possible gaps in trends from Network Service counters
  • major Fixed issue with displaying Avaya switches in Physical Segments view
  • major Fixed issue with displaying the same traffic speed value for Interfaces with the same name
  • major Fixed issue with displaying traffic data for certain switches on Interfaces tab
  • major Fixed issue with automatic enabling of monitoring after disabling it for a specified period of time
  • minor Fixed displaying on HiDPI screens
  • minor Fixed some issues with Notify user or Group action
  • minor Many layout and minor issues fixes
  • minor Now Layout is set to Custom Edited Map instead of Default on first connection of Console
  • minor Fixed issue with deleting many nodes
  • minor Fixed displaying Alert Close Reason in column
  • minor Fixed adding Network Service with Timeout less than 1000ms
  • minor Fixed opening View in WebAccess when View name contains a non-breaking space
  • minor Fixed issue with closing Pending Alerts after disabling Node Monitoring from Node Settings
  • minor Fixed bug in Alerting Message Formats causing issue with saving Parameter in Footer field
  • minor Fixed problem with sharing pictures between two Consoles

NetCrunch 9 Releases